Farrah’s Memorial

This past Tuesday, June 30th, Farrah Fawcett was remembered in a private memorial service in L.A. There hasn’t been very much coverage of the service, or who was in attendance. I saw pictures and footage of Kate Jackson, co-creator of “Charlie’s Angels” Leonard Goldberg, Cheryl Tiegs, Tatum ‘O Neal, and of course, Alana Stewart, and Ryan ‘O Neal. Redmond, Farrah’s son, was released from jail, and able to attend his Mother’s memorial service. A friend told me recently Farrah’s ex-husband, Lee Majors, was also there. However, Ryan just had to let his temper interfere with the day. His son, Griffin, arrived with his wife and son, and were asked to leave, after having driven 300 miles to be there. Unlike the stormy relationship Farrah shared with Ryan’s daughter, Tatum, she got along quite well with Griffin. This was highly inappropriate in my eyes, and the ultimate display of disrespect. When asked about the incident later that night, he admitted to kicking him out, saying he is “a bad guy”. Talk about the pot and the kettle… I am assuming Ryan was in charge of who was invited to the service, with the possible assistance of Alana Stewart. My question is where was Cheryl Ladd, who replaced Farrah in “Charlie’s Angels” in 1977? Was fellow angel Jaclyn Smith there? Were any of Farrah’s other co-stars throughout her career invited, including Paul LeMat, the abusive husband in “The Burning Bed”, Robert Duvall from the film “The Apostle”, Chevy Chase from “Man About the House” and Kirk Douglas and Charles Grodin, who co-starred with her in “Sunburn”. Her final film was 2004’s “The Cookout”. Where were co-stars Danny Glover and Queen Latifah? Back to “Charlie’s Angels”. Why weren’t either Tori and/or Candy Spelling in attendance? Instead, I have heard of people like Joan Collins and Richard Marx being there. Go figure… I admit, I could be mistaken about some of the celebrities I have mentioned. Maybe they were there after all. I hope so. From what I have heard Farrah was terrific to work with, and I am sure that some, if not all, of these people would have liked to have been able to have said goodbye. If I am in fact, not mistaken, I have this to say- thanks a lot, Ryan. You really blew it.


~ by kmnnz on July 6, 2009.

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