Michael’s Memorial… A Few Thoughts…

Throughout my life, I have seen many celebrities pass away. The first one I remember is Elvis, when I was 6. I had never heard of him, nor was I familiar with his music. However, I found myself completely captivated by his talent. I became a fan that day. Over the years, there were other celebrity deaths which truly touched my heart, from Marvin Gaye to Dennis Wilson, to Peter Jennings and John Ritter, Princess Diana, Bill Bixby, Frank Sinatra, and most recently Farrah Fawcett. I mourned each in my own unique way. Although I never met them, these were people I shared a bond with in one way, or another. They were in my home, either through their music, or on TV. I grew up with each one.

The sudden passing of Michael Jackson hit me harder than I ever could have imagined. My sister was the bigger fan, owning all of his music, but I have been deeply affected as well. Throughout my life, a Michael Jackson song has always been somewhere in the background, from dancing to “Rock With You” in music class in third grade, to watching the “Thriller” video for the first time. There was also the road trip from TX to LA in the summer of 1983, when “Beat It” played on the radio every 30 minutes. Never have I cried so hard, or so much, over the passing of a celebrity. That is why I felt so honored and privileged to have been among those who watched his memorial. It was the most superb, classy, brilliant tribute I have ever seen. From the lighthearted moment of Magic Johnson recalling he and Michael and the bucket of Kentucky Fried Children, to Usher’s touching rendition of “Gone Too Soon”, it was truly wonderful. I think what touched us all the most was little Paris, telling the world how much she loved her Daddy. How could that NOT move you??? Michael would have been very pleased.

To fellow MJ fans, only Michael could have brought the entire world together in this way. This is an experience we will never forget. His legacy will always live on.


~ by kmnnz on July 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Michael’s Memorial… A Few Thoughts…”

  1. Thanks for crediting me as the bigger fan. Like the blog.

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