All My Children’s 40 Anniversary- A Total Bust

I was looking forward to seeing today’s episode of “All My Children”, which was to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the show. It made it’s debut on ABC, January 5, 1970. The two original cast members who remain are Ray MacDonnell, who plays Dr. Joe Martin, and of course, Susan Lucci, who will forever be the unforgettable Erica Kane. I was severely disappointed, and irritated by today’s show, which along with yesterday’s episode, was nothing more than a platform for Kelly Ripa, and husband Mark Consuelos. Their characters, Haley and Mateo, made their way back to Pine Valley to do a story on the town itself. However, I had been hearing for weeks other former Pine Valley residents would be returning, including Taylor Miller (Nina Warner), Eva Larue (Maria Santos), Lawrence Lau (Greg Nelson), and Julia Barr (Brooke English).

 When I turned the tv on yesterday, it was a mixture of what’s happening on the show now- Ryan and Erica’s blossoming romance, Frankie and Madison’s growing attraction toward one another, drama with Greenlee- and the return of Haley, reuniting with dear old dad Adam, and clashing with new wife, Annie. Mateo, her loyal hubby and sidekick, virtually stood by watching, with a dumb grin on his face. I never cared for the character of Haley. From day one, when she showed up with the long, black hair on Thanksgiving day, eating out of dish after dish, with no class at all, I thought she was a rude brat, with a sharp tongue, always out to have the last word. At almost 40 herself, she hasn’t changed a bit. Still a witch. I can only begin to imagine all of the $$ she was paid just to show her face for a couple of days.

My main gripe is she and Mark were the only ones of those who returned to actually mingle with the rest of the cast on screen. For example, I was expecting Brooke to clash with nemesis Erica again, and to see exes Tad and Adam. I thought Greg Nelson would hang out with Angie and Jesse, and what about a reunion with Liza? Remember how crazy for Greg she was? I was hoping to see Palmer and Nina together again, too. Unfortunately, each were shown individually, talking about Pine Valley, and a few of their memories. This is what I had been anticipating???

I first began watching “All My Children” in June of 1982, at my friend Nicole’s house. I became captivated by the storyline of Jenny and Jesse being in New York. Good girl Jenny Gardner, who was from the wrong side of tracks, had just discovered from nasty Liza Colby her father had raped Ruth Martin. Feeling ashamed, and afraid her boyfriend, the rich, good-guy Greg Nelson would find out, she fled to New York. Her best buddy, the street-smart Jesse Hubbard, followed her, and the two remained there for the entire summer, sharing a one bedroom apartment from landlady Mrs. Garza. This storyline caused AMC to jump to the top of the ratings among all of the soaps, including “General Hospital”. It also turned me into a huge fan, with AMC becoming my favorite show. I continued to watch until around 1993, when I lost interest. After a 15 year hiatus, I started watching again, thanks to the return of Angie and Jesse.

Regarding today’s show, I was expecting many more flashbacks, older ones from years ago, and less of the ones from recent times. Plus, did we really need to see David, Ryan, J.R., and Marissa? We see them all the time, often daily. Well, what’s done is done. I’ll head over to YouTube, and get the 40th anniversary I was expecting that way. There are numerous older clips over there, the ones I want to see, and always enjoy. AMC, you really blew this one…


~ by kmnnz on January 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “All My Children’s 40 Anniversary- A Total Bust”

  1. I guess it wasn’t THAT bad. I was expecting it to be horrible, but I kind of liked it….sort of. Yeah they should of had more people to come back, but it was up to them to come back if they wanted to . I wanted to see more older clips as well, with the sound! Not just showing a pic or a scene. I thought Colby’s presence was unnecessary because this new one just came to the show. Some they just kept showing too much. They act like Ryan is the second star of the show behind Erica. I was glad that Hayley only introduced the topics and stayed pretty much out of the way. And Nina wasn’t shown very much and Palmer looked so bad he needed to not be shown at all!

    • You make some excellent points. Thanks for sharing them. You should write a blog about it, too! I’d love to read it, and comment.

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