Why We Need The TV Land Awards

The ninth annual TV Land Awards are coming up, set to be shown Sunday night on TV Land. However, there are those who have complaints, saying we don’t need the TV Land Awards, that those shows were on years ago. Well, that is exactly why we DO need an awards show which gives them the credit they deserve. These were the shows we watched either daily or weekly. For many of us, these shows were a part of our lives during our formative years. The last thing they should be is dismissed, or forgotten. Just because you “move on”  is no reason to forget where you came from. There was TV before “Dancing With The Stars” and “Jersey Shore”.

There is no other venue that is paying tribute to the beloved TV shows we grew up with. All of the attention is given to the current stars and shows of the moment. That is the operative word- moment. One day, these shows will also be off the air, no longer in production. Should they be simply tossed aside?  Or would it be fitting and appropriate to give them some accolades and attention, for them to be in the spotlight once again one day?

Others have claimed seeing “washed up” TV stars from the past is negative, that it’s not good for them to be solely remembered for one role, for one show. Were that the case, I don’t think as many cast members would take the time to show up. It must have nice to know a TV show you were a part of, a character you portrayed, touched so many people’s lives. A lot of these actors continue to get fan mail, are asked for autographs, followed on Twitter, friended on Facebook. That doesn’t sound very depressing to me. Besides, this is often the only time these actors, and their TV shows, receive any kind of public recognition. For quite a few, it was the last time. Just think of all of those who have passed away since the TV Land Awards have been in existance, those who were in attendance, and honored. John Ritter, Farrah Fawcett, Don Knotts, Harvey Korman, Isabel Sanford, Bob Denver, Suzanne Pleshette, Bea Arthur, and Aaron Spelling are a few names which come to mind.

So, once again shows from my “wonder years” have been thrust into the forefront once again. “The Cosby Show”, “Family Ties”, “The Facts of Life”, and “Welcome Back Kotter” are getting the due they have earned, for entertaining and making us laugh through the years. My congrats to all of them, along with Regis Philbin, and Darryl Hall and John Oates, whose music I still enjoy.

Speaking of wonder years, that’s another show which should be honored. Maybe next year.


~ by kmnnz on April 12, 2011.

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