Should TV Shows Be Remade Into Movies?

This is an issue I have always been very passionate about, since adulthood. Remaking classic tv shows almost always leads to imminent disappointment, and disaster. Where do I begin? Let’s look at “Bewitched”. Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell as Samantha and Darrin Stephens? It amazes me to think there are those who still complain about Dick Sargent after all of these years. Nicole Kidman is cute in her own way, but she’s no Elizabeth Montgomery. As if that were not enough, she and Will had no chemistry. I can’t even see them dating, let alone married.

Next, we will look at “Mission: Impossible”. My sister and I went to see the first one in 1996, and left the theatre feeling we had wasted our money. For one thing, there was no “star” on the tv show. They were a group, who worked together. In the movie, the rest of his team was killed off immediately, therefore making Tom Cruise the sole focus. Then, to make matters whose, Jon Voight, who portrayed leader Jim Phelps, turned out to be one of the bad guys! Jim a crook? No wonder Greg Morris, who played Barney Collier in the series, walked out in the middle of it. Good for him!

Then, there is “Car 54 Where Are You?”. Another nightmare. David Johansen (I thought it was Buster Poindexter) looked pathetic trying to mimic Joe E. Ross, who played Gunther Toody, while John McGinley, who was Francis Muldoon, acted like a zombie. Absolutely no chemistry between the two. In “The Dukes Of Hazard”, Daisy was a blonde. Are there no pretty brunettes? In a case like this, producers of these movies often want to get the biggest celebrities they can, without considering whether that person may even be right for the part, or not. Enter Jessica Simpson. In regards to “Charlie’s Angels”, one of my all-time favorites from childhood, Drew Barrymore was no Kate Jackson. Sure, the character of Sabrina Duncan had a toughness the other girls did not have, but Ms. Barrymore was too callous in her performance. Sabrina was also charming and intelligent. She was more like a schoolyard bully, instead of an angel. In “Mod Squad”, there was a very poor, scattered plot, and three actors with no onscreen rapport at all. Having had one white, one black, and one blonde alone was not enough.

To make matters even worse, those who star in the remakes have the audacity to put down or criticize the original, as if what they have done is so much better. Very few of them stand the test of time. Once the hype and publicity die down, most people still revert right back to the original TV show. Instead of the sad, pathetic attempt to rewrite history, why not simply bring the shows themselves on TV on a regular basis? You can never beat or undermine the original, no matter how you may try.


~ by kmnnz on April 21, 2011.

2 Responses to “Should TV Shows Be Remade Into Movies?”

  1. Right on!

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