President Trump??

It seems Donald Trump is creating more adversaries since he began talk of making a run for president. From Bill Cosby to Robert Deniro, he’s been shooting back nasty, juvenile remarks to his critics. He puts me in mind of a schoolyard bully. In the eyes many, the whole thing is one big joke. In a recent poll, Trump landed in fifth place among those who might be challenging President Obama for his job next year. This was behind Sarah Palin.

Donald Trump is someone I have never paid very much attention to. He’s always been one of those celebs pretty much rammed down my throat. There he is, like it or not. You know, like Snooki. However, I have been paying attention lately with his “birther” accusations, and claims he is so close with “the blacks”.

The thing about him which has grabbed my attention the most is his inability to handle sharp questions. In an interview with “Inside Edition” correspondent Megan Alexander, he abruptly told her he had to go and walked off when she asked him about his position in another poll. He was at it again when interviewed by ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. Trump was so hostile, he continued to repeat the same immature response, demanding George move on to the next question. Yeah, this guy really has what it takes to run the country. I can just picture his press conferences.

The problem is in his business, and on “Celebrity Apprentice”, Trump is used to running things, giving out orders. He’s the one asking the tough questions. Put the shoe on the other foot, it’s a problem. He can’t handle it. I’ve got news for him. If you’re going to be president, you have to get used to it. Even when you decide to run, you put yourself out there for hard, uneasy questions. Remember the Roger Mudd/Ted Kennedy interview in 1979? The questions were very tough. Mudd laid into Kennedy, to the point he was left speechless a time or two. That’s the way the game is played. It goes with the territory. And guess what?  It gets worse if you’re elected. When you decide to take on the position of president, you should have to encounter questions which make you squirm, or leave you angry. A whole nation of people are under your leadership, and we deserve answers. That is our right.

Personally, I don’t see Trump’s presidential aspirations going very far. Goodie for us- and him.


~ by kmnnz on April 26, 2011.

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