Thoughts About The Royal Wedding

Coverage of The Royal Wedding begins in about 2 and 1/2 hours. There is a feeling of excitement in the air. Anticipation looms. For me, I’m not very interested in who designed Kate’s dress, or the guest list. I’m mostly looking forward to seeing Prince William marry.

I was 10 when Charles and Diana married. Unlike now, I did not stay up to see the nuptials take place live, although it was during the summer. When I thought I wouldn’t have a chance to see the wedding later, that it would not be shown again, I burst into tears. I was relieved to hear the announcement it would be shown later that evening, at 5 pm our time. We watched the CBS coverage. I found it all so fascinating. My mom liked Diana, but thought Charles was too old for her. I was captivated by the events on the TV screen that day. I loved everything. It was truly a storybook wedding.

 I was excited when we found out Diana was expecting. Some women were jealous she got pregnant so quickly. I remember when Prince William was born, just 3 months before my sister. I bought the People magazine he and his mother were on the cover of.  I’ve always kind of had my eye on him through the years. I’ve paid attention to him in a way I never quite did with Harry. I admire his choice of a wife. Kate seems charming, grounded, and overwhelmingly confident. You can tell by the way she carries herself she is sure of who she is. That is a rare trait in this world. People are either unsure of themselves, or arrogant. A lot of the arrogance is a merely a mask. Speaking of arrogance, I just watched footage of William greeting well-wishers outside. He was so friendly, so warm. These are qualities he inherited from his mother.

Another thing that touches me most is William’s insistence to keep Diana’s presence a significant part of his life. I feel a special connection with him about that. He has given Kate his mother’s engagement ring, and I heard on TV a few days ago if they have a daughter, they plan to name her Diana. I am sure his mother would be very pleased with her son, and his bride-to-be.

When I think about both of the weddings, my mind starts to wander. In 1981, I was a wide-eyed child, watching in happiness and wonder. Today, as an adult, I am seeing a young man I watched grow up enter a new chapter of his life. Both his mother and mine are no longer with us. This one is bittersweet for me, so much more poignant. The meaning is not the same. I may even shed a tear or two, which was a far cry from the case before.

I wish William and Kate a long and happy life together.


~ by kmnnz on April 29, 2011.

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