The Real Lady Gaga

My sister and I went to see Lady Gaga’s Monster Tour last month. It was the first concert I had been to where I knew almost none of the songs. The only one I knew was “Born This Way”, and that was by accident. I had heard it the day it was released at the beauty salon. The whole place was buzzing with various feedback. Oh, I had also heard “Telephone” in my sis’s car once.

I don’t think you can get bigger than where she is now. She is a huge star. However to me, she seems very vulnerable, insecure, and fragile. On stage during the concert, she opened up about having been bullied in middle school and high school, how she would sit on the toilet in the mornings, not wanting to go to school. She has also mentioned how she thought she was “funny-looking.” During the concert, she stretched out on the floor, and said to the audience “scream for me.” Of all the concerts I have been to thus far, I had never heard a statement like that before. I didn’t scream, but many others did. That one remark is still sticking with me. Gaga is on top now, but what’s going to happen when someone else comes along, and is the new top celeb? Will she be able to go on after the screams fall silent? I think this explains her bizarre, almost comical antics. From wearing a meat dress, to arriving on the red carpet at the Grammys in an egg, this behavior keeps her in the headlines. She obviously feels pressured to keep doing things like this to get noticed.

My sister just sent me a link to HBO, and details about her upcoming special on May 7th. Her Monster’s Ball Tour went to NY’s Madison Square Garden, and the concert will be televised. Among the available clips on the site, included one in black and white of her backstage- crying. She broke down, saying she still felt “like a loser.” She went on to say she wants to be a queen, but doesn’t feel like one. Afterwards, she prayed. It was one of the most heartfelt, touching displays of honesty I have seen from a celebrity, and it was real. There comes a time when you know a person is not acting, or being fake. This proves fame, money, and all the other things we humans aggressively seek after will not bring peace. You can still be broken, hurting on the inside.

The lady has a lot of talent. For her sake, I wish she would allow that to be her central focus, and stop with the gimmicks. They cheapen her. It’s great to have fans, but you should not be overly dependant upon them. Appreciative, but not needy. The public is fickle. They can turn at anytime, often for no reason. Most importantly, I hope she will be able to heal from the deep scars of her past.

The HBO special should be quite interesting.


~ by kmnnz on May 4, 2011.

2 Responses to “The Real Lady Gaga”

  1. Great points! Perhaps her critics should take note.

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