Meeting Eddie Money

*This blog was originally written three years ago. I thought I would post it here.
I was driving down the road when I heard on the radio Eddie Money would be in town signing autographs, and promoting his latest CD, at Wherehouse Music the next day. I’ve liked Eddie Money, who was enormously popular in the ’70s and ’80s, since high school. With songs like “Baby Hold On”, “Two Tickets to Paradise”, and “I Think I’m in Love”, I knew this would be an awesome, amazing experience. Kam and I decided to go.
The next afternoon, I grabbed my well-worn Eddie Money Greatest Hits cassette tape, and headed out to Wherehouse Music. I hadn’t been there in years, but knew the general location. It was on the same street as my old high school. After parking, we went inside, to join the others standing around. We all exchanged smiles, and made small talk, knowing we were there for the same reason. While I browsed around the store, looking at the various CDs and DVDs, Kam bought the new Michael Jackson CD. One of the guys who worked there announced over the PA system Eddie was on his way, but stuck in traffic. That was no surprise. Houston is known for its bad traffic, and we had been stuck in it earlier ourselves.
 Around 2:45, it was announced he had arrived, and was outside. His music was being played throughout the store, including his latest CD “I Wanna Go Back”, which consists of covers of some of his favorite songs from the ’60s. A lot of the songs are R&B, and while listening to his voice, I noticed it really has not changed very much within the past 30 years. Looking out the window, I saw him, along with his crew, preparing to head inside the store. After a booming intro over the PA system, we all burst into a huge round of cheers and applause. He came in with such enthusiasm and energy, smiling and waving to everyone. After saying hi to all of us, he specifically spoke to two little girls, who were there with their Dad, telling them “Hello girls! I was big in the ’80s.” After he sat down and began to sign autographs, the line started to move ahead. The closer I got to the table, I couldn’t believe how nervous I was. I looked down, and my hands were shaking. My heart was pounding. It was unreal. I felt like a teenage girl again. Suddenly, I was next in line, while Kam stood nearby. After the couple in front of me moved on, he looked at me and gave me the warmest, most friendly smile. I smiled back, and immediately felt at ease. I approached the table, and said “Hi, I’m Kelli.” He smiled again, and said “Hi Kelli”, shaking my hand. Next, he shook hands with Kam. I told him how happy I was to meet him, and how his song “Take Me Home Tonight” still reminds me of 10th grade. I gave him my cassette tape, and before he autographed the insert, he asked how I spell my name. I told him with an i at the end, and he said he liked that, and that if he were a girl, he would spell it that way, too 🙂 He signed his name, and 2008 on the outside of the insert. On the inside, he wrote “Kelli, Love Ya. Eddie Money.”
Next, I asked if he would take a picture with us. He said sure. Kam gave my camera to the guy in line behind us. Initially, she said she was fine with my being on the picture with him alone, and that she would take it, but this worked out great. He stood in between us, and after putting his arms around us, he said “We’ve got a couple of cuties here!” That totally sent me over the moon:) It isn’t every day a legend like Eddie Money calls you a cutie!  The next day, I rushed to get the picture developed, and was hoping I didn’t blink, or accidentally make some crazy face. I was so relieved to see how terrific it looks. The whole experience was one HUGE blessing. I am so very happy we went!
One thing I have always disliked about a person is arrogance and conceit. My friend Dani who had met him before, told me he was a very nice guy. She was absolutely right. Eddie Money is truly the NICEST guy, and we could all learn something from his down to earth attitude of humility. I have been a big lover of music all of my life. I still have lots of favorite singers, artists and groups, from Frank Sinatra to Al Green to Def Leppard, and everyone in between. No doubt, that will always be, but after this wonderful experience, Eddie Money has become my all-time favorite!

~ by kmnnz on May 11, 2011.

2 Responses to “Meeting Eddie Money”

  1. Great story! Ok… we’d like to see the pic!

    • I knew someone would ask me that sooner or later 🙂 I’ll pull it out, and put it up! Stay tuned.. Thanks for stopping by!

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