Thoughts About Fergie

While watching Sarah Ferguson, or “Fergie” on Oprah today, I remembered the things I have always liked about her. She is feisty, vibrant, and energetic. When she married into the Royal Family, she was called “a breath of fresh air”. That she was indeed.  Fergie seemed to have a “naughty” nature about her, a somewhat rebellious streak, which made her very intriguing. I remember watching her marry Prince Andrew. They were such of a happy, good-looking couple. The two shared a closeness and an intimacy Charles and Diana never did. To this day, I think their kiss was the sexiest of all. They were obviously very much in love. When I heard they split up, I was disappointed. The reason for their divorce remains a mystery. Oprah asked her why did they divorce as they were going to a commercial. Unfortunately, the question was never answered.

Fergie dominated the headlines last year when she secretly tried to sell out Prince Andrew to a tabloid. While many were outraged, I had sympathy for her. I saw a deeply troubled person, with unresolved issues. To me, her actions were a cry for help. I had even more compassion for her when she was excluded from the Royal Wedding. Now, she is baring herself publicly in an upcoming documentary about her journey of self-discovery on the OWN network, which will debut June 12th. She is working to fix her emotions, to heal the deep scars within her. The clips shown on Oprah were compelling. With the help of Dr. Phil, she has discovered she is addicted to approval and acceptance. I was stumped when she asked financial advisor Suze Orman how to get self-worth. It is going to be a difficult road, uncovering the negative things about herself for the first time. That is always painful. However, it is also the key to freedom and liberation.

The interview with Oprah was at times like a gab-fest between two friends, which is what they have become. It was very easy to see the regret she feels about the mistakes she has made. I saw the pain she continues to endure about the loss of her marriage to Andrew. She is still very much in love with him. He obviously has feelings for her as well. He carried her picture in his pocket at the Royal Wedding, and allows Fergie to live at his house. The two share a deep connection with one another, and their two daughters. Honestly, I would love to see they remarry. However, I am sure the Queen would not let that happen.

Whatever the future holds for Fergie, I wish her the very best. She still has a lot of living to do, and happiness should be along for the ride.


~ by kmnnz on May 12, 2011.

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