Hey Seth, Hands Off The Flintstones!

Some b-day present it was to hear on TV Seth McFarlane is planning on creating a new version of one of the most beloved cartoons of all-time- “The Flintstones”. Having made its debut on ABC in 1960, many of us have grown up with Fred and Wilma, Betty and Barney. Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm, Dino and Hoppy. Mr. Slate. The Great Gazoo. Some things are best left alone, in the past. They should remain untouched, like a precious photo album. Our memories are our very own personal photo album, and The Flintstones are a part of that. Did you take Flintstone vitamins, too? I always wondered where was Betty. How about eat the cereal? My sister did. How old were you when you first remember watching it? It was the mid-’70s, and I was four. Do you have a favorite character? I actually like them all the same.

I remember the first time I saw the black and white commercial of Barney and Fred smoking on YouTube. I was surprised, but there were some indignant comments. People were outraged. Now if that kind of reaction took place over a commercial, imagine the fallout over what we might see, should The Flintstones become current. I admit I laughed in the end, but it was really weird seeing them smoking. Sure, The Simpsons and Family Guy do some wild and outrageous things, but we are used to that. It’s been that way from day one. It’s different with The Flintstones. Although originally tailor-made for an adult audience, children fell in love with the show, and it was written with them in mind from then on. Even the sponsor changed. You can be sure in this day and age the show would be vulgar and tasteless, not simple and innocent as it has always been. Sure, Fred had a gambling problem, an adult issue. However, it was dealt with in a way which was pretty much G- rated.

I get Seth’s admiration of The Flintstones. Join the club. Get a new idea instead. Don’t destroy a cartoon which has been a significant part of pop culture, and our lives for so long. Some would never forgive you for that.


~ by kmnnz on May 23, 2011.

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