Casey Anthony, Celebrity??!!

I know it doesn’t take much to become a celebrity today. Almost anyone can be a household name overnight, for the most bizarre reasons. But, for murdering your own daughter??? I know a person is innocent until proven guilty, but I am among those who believe Casey Anthony is beyond guilty.

When I first saw footage on TV of people in Florida standing outside for all hours of the night just in an attempt to get in to see the trial, I was surprised. However, when I saw grown people, adults, actually running as if they were in a track meet or the Olympics to try to get a seat, I was appalled. Word has it people just want to get inside to take a look at the alleged killer. Why would anyone want to see this person face to face? I have a hard time watching her on TV.

Is this what we have become as a society, turning someone accused to taking their own child’s life into a celebrity? I have had my complaints about the idolatry of celebrities. In their defense, they usually have some sort of talent which propelled them to stardom. What has she done? The last thing this woman deserves is any form of flattery.

I will be glad when this trial is over. It won’t end too soon for me. My wish is justice for little Caylee. She would be starting first grade this fall.


~ by kmnnz on June 30, 2011.

6 Responses to “Casey Anthony, Celebrity??!!”

  1. Maybe George Anthony was crying because he tried to kill himself because he felt guilty that Caylee got into the pool by herself, drown, and George was unable to revive her, then helped to get rid of the body through Kronk so that George would not be investigated on his many affairs.

    • You could have a point. I saw the footage of him crying on the stand earlier. It was very disturbing to me. There are some things he is holding back.

      Thanks for stirring my thoughts!

      • It will certainly be interesting to see if the prosecution can get what they forced the tax-payers to pay for: a first degree murder conviction against Casey Anthony.

        Certainly does not appear to be likely at this point in time. 😦

      • Exactly! I can’t even begin to fathom anything else.

        Could you imagine her getting off??

  2. Actually, I can imagine Casey getting off on all charges the way the prosecution has proceeded in this case. Looks more like the prosecution-team is the greater-criminal in this case.

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