Light-Skinned Vs. Dark-Skinned.. The Debate Rages On..

I was recently watching a video on YouTube about the career of former Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland. In the midst of it, the authors of the video went on to say the reason she does not have a successful career like ex-groupmate Beyonce Knowles is because of one thing- she is not light-skinned. A debate ensued, one which I briefly became a part of. Being light-skinned alone will not guarantee anyone a top-notch career. You have to work at it, which Kelly does not. She needs to get out there and promote herself, and get off the sidelines. People need to know what she can do as an artist. She continues to be known simply as one of the girls from Destiny’s Child, with fans of the group knowing her name for the most part.

The whole light-skinned vs dark-skinned debate is centuries old, and continues to divide the African-American community. Remember hearing about the house and field slaves? The light-skinned slaves worked in the house, while the dark-skinned slaves worked in the field. Although this has been proven to be historically accurate, why are we talking about it so often in present day society?

To be blunt about it, being light-skinned has done very little to benefit my life. I have encountered discrimination and racism, and had to work for everything I have achieved. Being lighter did not give or get me any breaks, so all of this garbage about how much “more attractive” white America sees you, or how “they like you better” is a myth. I mentioned in an earlier post about the time my second grade teacher only gave her picture to the white girls. There were four black girls in our class- two dark-skinned, two-light-skinned. Do you think she gave the two light-skinned girls her pic? Of course not. She saw us all as the same. I could share other stories of this nature, but you get the idea. Besides if I did, I’d start to sound like the “tragic mulatto”, or a “victim”, right?

There have been many darker-skinned artists who have been enormously successful. Gladys Knight, Diana Ross, Whitney Houston, Dionne Warwick, Ella Fitzgerald, Donna Summer, Mahalia Jackson, Natalie Cole, and Chaka Khan are just a few. These are award-winning, million-seller legends. If having a lighter-complexion alone is all you need, what is Faith Evans up to these days? How about Vanessa Williams? What about Jordin Sparks, who is still an opening act? I’m not putting any of them down, but think about it. Sure, you could name Mariah Carey and Alicia Keys, but as I often hear, they are not black, but bi-racial. Oh I forgot, Jordin Sparks is bi-racial too, so scratch her from the first list. With that being said, where are (and who are) the light-skinned black artists?

There are complaints about companies like L’oreal using women like Halle Berry and Beyonce to promote their products? Well, what about Queen Latifah who is a spokeswoman for Cover Girl, and Jennifer Hudson’s Weight Watchers commercials?

No one can choose their skin color. All they can do is try to alter it, by either tanning or bleaching. Either way, this alone will not make or break you. As the poem “Invictus” says, “I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.”

I am- not my skin color.


~ by kmnnz on August 6, 2011.

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  1. The TRUE FACTS regarding the MYTH of ‘Colorism’-Based Tests:

  2. .
    Listed below are links to data on the Historical MYTH
    of a Color-Based / Slave-Role HIERARCHY — as well
    as the Urban LEGEND of Paper-Bag, Blue-Vein and
    Other Allegations of Features-Based Entry ‘TESTS’:

    • Thank you for shedding light on those ridiculous myths, and for sharing the TRUTH! Those lies have been in circulation for far too long. Hopefully, they will finally be put to rest once and for all.

      Again, a HUGE thank you!!!

      • Hi kmnnz,

        You are more than welcomed and thank you for the forum.

        If you’d like I have additional links and information that I
        can share with you (and / or your readers) on this topic.

        Please feel free to contact me at
        — or — I can also send the data via a post at your site.

        Have a wonderful day.

        — AllPeople (AP) G.i.f.t.s.

      • It’s nice to meet you! 🙂 Feel free to make all of the posts you would like. I am very interested in learning much more about this subject. Knowledge is the force which destroys all forms of ignorance.

        My email address is listed on my “About” page, so you can always reach me there, if you would like.

        Thanks again!

    • So very TRUE! Thank you for sharing this. The only way these false myths are going to be permanently put to rest is by KNOWLEDGE, spreading the truth.

    • Thank you again! There is nothing like knowing the truth. This is what sets us free from false, binding mindsets.

  3. Hi,

    Based on the data you have posted on this topic —
    I thought that you might also enjoy reading (and,
    perhaps, even sharing) the following information .


    Listed below are MORE LINKS to data on the Historical
    MYTH of a Color-Based / Slave-Role HIERARCHY —
    as well as the Urban LEGEND of Paper-Bag, Blue-Vein
    & Other Allegations of Features-Based Entry ‘TESTS’
    (in regards to the antebellum-era, continental U.S.):

    ALSO …. here is a brief COMMENTARY on
    … the constant misapplication of the racist
    ‘One-Drop Rule’ ** (to the people who
    are of part-Black / Mixed-Race Lineage):

    [** NOTE: The racist ‘one-drop’ “rule” was made ‘illegal’
    in the U.S. in 1967 by the U.S. Supreme Court via the
    ‘Loving vs. VA’ case – where the U.S. Supreme Court ruled …
    — 1) All ‘Anti-Miscegenation’ Laws found throughout the U.S.;
    — 2) The racist ‘VA Racial Integrity Act’ (upon which most
    of the anti-miscegenation ‘laws’ were founded); and
    — 3) The (‘black-lineage mocking’ and exceedingly) racist
    ‘One-Drop Rule’ (upon which the ‘Act’ was based.)
    … as being ‘UN-Constitutional’ (i.e. illegal, banned, etc.).]

    … THE FACTS are as follows:

    1) It is often a surprise for people to learn that, in reality, there
    is actually No Such Thing As a “Light Skinned Black” person.

    2) Very few people seem to be aware of the fact that the term
    “Light Skinned Black” is really nothing more than a racist
    oxymoron created by Racial Supremacists in an effort to
    forcibly deny those Mixed-Race individuals, who are of
    a Multi-Generational Multiracially-Mixed (MGM-Mixed)
    lineage, the right to fully embrace and to also received
    public support in choosing to acknowledge the truth
    regarding their full ancestral heritage and lineage.

    3) The people who have been slapped with the false label and
    oxymoronic misnomer of “Light Skinned Black” person are simply
    Mixed-Race individuals — who are from families that have been
    CONTINUALLY Mixed-Race THROUGHOUT multiple generations.

    4) Seeing that every other Mixed-Race group is allowed the dignity
    of receiving support in having itself referred to by the term that
    it most prefers – the question becomes “Why should the
    situation be any different for those Mixed-Race
    individuals who are of an Multi-Generational
    Multiracially-Mixed (MGM-Mixed) lineage?”.

    5) If an MGM-Mixed individual would like to be referred to by the
    term ‘Mixed-Race’ (which is what they actually are) rather than by
    that of “Light-Skinned Black“ (a term, which, once again, has the
    racist-origin of being nothing more than an oxymoronic-phrase that
    was both created and coined by Racial Supremacists in an effort to
    try to deny these Mixed-Race people their right to and support in
    publicly acknowledging and also embracing their FULL-Lineage)
    there is no reason that they (like every other group on the planet
    — whether Mixed-Race or not) should not be allowed the right
    to choose the term that society uses in referring to them
    (and to have their full-lineage acknowledged within that term).



    — AllPeople (AP) G.i.f.t.s.
    Founder and Moderator of the following
    online Lineage-Discussion Communities


  4. .
    An additional comment on the (now-debunked)
    racist, reeking, odious, ODR (‘One-Drop Rule’)
    — which, thank goodness, has finally been
    legally “cleared from the air” of the USA:

  5. Lineage2,Lineage,L2…

    […]Light-Skinned Vs. Dark-Skinned.. The Debate Rages On.. « Kelli's Blog[…]…

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