The Chew? Seriously??

It is less than one month before we viewers will be saying goodbye to “All My Children” on ABC. Its replacement? A silly looking gabfest show called “The Chew”. Yeah, that’s just what we need, another show about food. Don’t get me wrong, I love cooking, but wouldn’t a show of this nature be better on one of the food networks? It’s a pretty tacky title, by the way..

To add insult to injury, they are showing commercials for it during broadcasts of “All My Children”, which is beyond insensitive and tasteless. The same thing happens during episodes being shown on Soapnet. We know it’s coming. It’s eminent, ok we get that. However, you don’t have to rub it in our faces either. Longtime fans are having a difficult time adjusting to this change as it is. Why make it worse?

Maybe I shouldn’t be so cynical about “The Chew”, or put it down without giving it a fair chance. I know I sound bitter and angry, and would resent any show taking the place of AMC. It just seems rather annoying to me, with all the giggling among the hosts which we see in the advertisements, and talk of pastrami on burgers, napkins, and gumbo.

One thing I know. I don’t see it lasting over 40 years.


~ by kmnnz on August 26, 2011.

6 Responses to “The Chew? Seriously??”

  1. For many years, I would tape ABC soaps and watch them at night. Then, when my cable tv provider offered Soapnet, I got it and watched the ABC soaps there every evening. I have watched All My Children and One Life to Live for about 40 (!) years. ABC soaps are the only shows on ABC I watch! The Chew??? Really??? What a joke. I won’t be watching ANY ABC shows pretty soon.

    • Oh, same here! My sister and I have enjoyed watching the soaps at night on Soapnet for quite a while. I started watching All My Children in 1982, stopped around 1993 or ’94, and started back in 2008. I first started watching One Life to Live in 1981. I started back not too long ago. I can’t believe how just the thought of them no longer being there is affecting me. I will definitely not be watching “The Chew”. What a pathetic replacement! I too won’t be watching anymore ABC shows very soon.

      Thanks so much for sharing your comments!

  2. the show looks terrible and i will not be watching. i watch all soaps on abc and have been for many, many years. i will miss amc and oltl. what is daytime tv without daytime soaps! terrible decisions abc, thanks for nothing!

    • I completely agree. There is no daytime TV without the soaps. Trying to keep it going with junk like The Chew is ridiculous.

      Sooner or later, they will see their mistake.

  3. ABC must be smoking something to think The Chew can replace All My Children…I hope they lose all the AMC viewers…this has to be the DUMBEST decision ever.

    • I agree completely. Their lame decision has led to a significant amount of negative backlash, so I’m sure the loss of ABC viewers is imminent. The more, the better, I say!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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