Dancing With The Stars- Right Or Wrong?

I have yet to watch an episode of “Dancing With The Stars”, but it’s impossible not to hear about its goings on. The latest controversy to arise is the addition of Chaz Bono to the current lineup. Of course, if this were “Chastity” Bono, there’d be no big deal. I remember when she was on a season of “Celebrity Fit Club” a few years back. No one cared. However, she is a man now, after having undergone a total sex change, and a lot of people are up in arms, to say the least, about him being on the show. It’s gotten so ugly, his Mom has come to his defense.

Personally, I don’t see what the big deal is. Some say the show is family entertainment. Well, that may be true, but people like Chaz, who make the decision the change the sex they were born, for whatever reason, are out there. Wouldn’t this be a good opportunity for parents to explain this to their kids, because sooner or later, they may very well meet someone like Chaz in life, face to face, at work, in college, in the neighborhood. Shouldn’t they be aware of trans-gender people, so it will not come as some kind of an unexpected shock to them later on? Our kids cannot be shielded from every little thing. That is not the way life works.

So, Chaz is a guy now? That does not mean he isn’t a human being, with feelings and emotions, who deserves to be respected. Some of these comments made about him have been horrible. People don’t want their kids to watch Chaz, but it’s fine for them to see their parents calling someone who has done nothing to them terrible names. Go figure with that one..

It’s a dance show, for goodness sake. If it’s that big of a deal he’s going to be on there, then just don’t watch it. Turn to something else, or go read a book. I’m on Chaz’s side in this, and I still won’t be watching. I do wish him a lot of luck though, and an even greater amount of perseverance.


~ by kmnnz on September 2, 2011.

4 Responses to “Dancing With The Stars- Right Or Wrong?”

  1. He needs to drop out. In all honesty, these shows are judged on who will bring in the most viewers.
    If people are complaining now, he will be eliminated the first show.
    Why put him thru that??

    • ABC is doing it for the hype. It’s all about the ratings. They figure with all of this attention, more people are bound to watch. You’re right, it’s all about who will bring in the most viewers.
      You make another point I hadn’t thought of. He might be the first to be eliminated, or Nancy Grace.

      Thanks for your comments!

  2. Way to go Kelli! You couldn’t have said it better.
    I don’t watch that show either nor most other modern shows.
    And speaking of modern shows, I bet most, if not all, of those parents
    who are so upset over their kids seeing a transexual let their kids watch shows that consist of graphic violence, profanity, and cruelty.

    “Family” entertainment??? Isn’t Chaz part of a family???
    Hey folks, it’s LOVE and caring that makes a family, not what’s between
    somebody’s legs or whether they’re blood related or not.

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