The Bachmann, The Latest Fad in Hair

The Farrah.. The Rachel.. The Bachmann? Looks like Michele Bachmann’s hairdo has become the latest craze to hit salons. I wasn’t aware of it until seeing a report on “Inside Edition” last week.

The style does have a certain amount of appeal. It’s not too long or short, is light, and has movement. It is also fairly easy to maintain. It reminds me of a slightly updated “Rachel”, with a few less layers. The color is getting a lot of attention, too. It’s a shade of auburn, but it would be best to make sure you have both the eyes and complexion to be able to pull it off. You want it to look natural, like it’s your own color. According to what I’ve read, middle age women are seeking this ‘do the most. In some NY salons, it’s setting customers back between $150 and $300. Pretty pricey, isn’t it?

I like trying new styles, and I’ve given this one some thought. Despite our political differences, I’m not one to run from a good cut. The color would clash with my features, so that’s out. As for the cut, it’s nice, but I think I’ll keep looking.. at least for now.


~ by kmnnz on September 5, 2011.

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