Me and All My Children

The last time a soap I watched on a regular basis was canceled was “Search For Tomorrow” in 1986. I was a teenager, so I didn’t quite feel the impact of its departure after 35 years on the air. However, as I face the final week of “All My Children”, my emotions are all over the place. There is a mix of nostalgia, sadness, and anger. There is also resentment towards those who are insensitive about the cancellation of this longtime, beloved show, as if we are not supposed to feel anything, and just “move on”. That is easier said than done. This is a loss, and like with any kind of loss, you need to allow those feelings and emotions you experience to run their course. You have to go through that natural period of grieving, and it is nothing to be ashamed of, nor should you feel obligated to explain it.

The Prospect Park venue is shakier than ever, with Susan Lucci recently turning down their offer. Could AMC exist without Erica? Meanwhile, Debbi Morgan has joined “The Young and the Restless”. Others, including Michael E Knight, are also not interested in continuing with the show, while Walt Willey and Cameron Mathison are on the opposite side. With lines being drawn, can a divided cast make this work? I’m very skeptical about getting my hopes up. Sadly, these last days might really be the end of “All My Children”.

There are many things I will miss about “All My Children”. Jesse calling Angie “Angela”, and his close friendship with Tad. It reminds me of the friendship he shared with Greg Nelson in the ’80s. I’ll also miss the constant drama of Erica Kane. The haughty way she throws her head, the latest mess she’s gotten herself into, the next person she’s insulting. Not to mention who will be her next man.  I’ll miss the sisterly bond between Greenlee and Kendall, who fight one minute, then scheme the next. I’ll miss Cara’s gorgeous hair, and David’s latest dirty deed.

Then, there are the questions. Will Jake and Amanda be able to adopt, and how will marriage be for Brot and Natalia? Will Frankie and Randi go on to have a baby?

My sister made an awesome point. Since David was able to save people, to bring them back from the dead, wouldn’t it have been nice if he could have saved Babe and Leo, his daughter and brother. I think a lot of viewers would have liked that, Greenlee and Leo, Babe and J.R. together again, living happily ever after.

Like I said before, I started back watching AMC in early 2008, thanks to the return of Angie and Jesse. In the beginning, I had difficulty connecting with most of the characters. The only ones I remembered were Tad, Adam, Myrtle, Palmer, Opal, Jackson, and of course, Erica. With a bit of time, that changed. Before I knew it, I found myself talking about Ryan, J.R., Annie, Zach, and Krystal as if I had known them all along. I treasure these past three years I had with the show, to enjoy it the way I had in earlier years.  It has really been a lot of fun, and I’m glad it was a part of my life once again.

On a sentimental note, yesterday on Soapnet I finally saw the wedding of Greg and Jenny – 27 years later. It was worth the wait! I am looking so forward to their reunion on “The View” this coming Friday. I haven’t seen Jenny/Greg/Angie/Jesse together since I was 13. 🙂


~ by kmnnz on September 19, 2011.

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