I Wasn’t Going To Write About This, But..

I changed my mind. After reading the thoughts of others about the final episode of “All My Children”, I wanted to write about my own. Writing is a terrific way to express yourself, to share your feelings. It gives you a chance to let it all out, whether anyone is listening or not. So, here we go..

I was dreading the last episode of AMC. I didn’t even want to go to bed the night before. It was something I didn’t want to face. Nor did I want to watch the upcoming tribute on “The View”. I missed the tribute, but made myself go into the den and join my sister for the last few minutes of AMC on ABC. I couldn’t watch the entire episode. I would do that later on Soapnet. My sister told me she didn’t like where it was headed. I could see her point when I saw J.R. holding a gun, hiding. I knew he was acting like a crazed mad man, but this seemed rather senseless. There was a big party at the Chandler mansion, celebrating the return to Stuart from the dead. Almost everyone was present, including Jack and Erica, who were in another room. After admitting she didn’t want to get married, Jack walked out on her, to reply in the spirit of Rhett Butler “Frankly Erica, I don’t give a damn what you need.” We cracked up. As she prepares to run after him, a shot rings out, followed by a black screen. The end. This is how 41 years comes to a close. We were baffled, stunned, and dumbfounded at the same time. I expected much more of “All My Children” than this. It was always a very socially conscious, mature show, focusing on issues such as AIDS, abortion, interracial dating, gay marriage, rape, drug addiction, and alcoholism. The viewers and the actors deserved so much more.

I know the reason they did this was to build up to its return, but thus far, only two members of the cast have signed on to do the online version. Susan Lucci (Erica) and Jacob Young (J.R.) are not among them. How are they going to resolve this? Have J.R. accidentally kill Erica, then shoot himself out of guilt? Very morbid thought, indeed. WILL this ever be resolved, or are the viewers going to be left hanging for years? Remember the finale of “Dallas”? That other J.R. (Ewing) shot his gun, too. It was five years later when we found he shot the mirror. Maybe they’ll have “All My Children- The Movie”, which will show us what happened. The worst case scenario would be if we were left hanging for good. This is a possibility I am unable to wrap my head around at the moment. I’m still having a hard time accepting it will not be on later today, nor can I look up the spoilers like I used to. I have seen part of “The View” from that day. It was a very tasteful, classy tribute.

For me personally, the finale they chose to write makes the loss of AMC all the more difficult to accept, harder to adjust to. The show’s future continues to dangle, just as we viewers are. I really hope “One Life to Live” takes a different path.


~ by kmnnz on September 26, 2011.

2 Responses to “I Wasn’t Going To Write About This, But..”

  1. I watched All My Children for much of my adult life. It was a family staple growing up, but I only knew the fringes, as I never wanted to give into it. But then… I watched from the time Natalie was in the well, until the time that Dixie was first replaced by another actress. I can’t even comprehend what that makes in an actual timeline, one with days and years. As silly as it sounds, one of my fondest memories is the time that I went to a Super Soap weekend and met a lot of these people. It’s a hidden, guilty memory, as I think that there’s just too much negative connatation attached to being a daytime television viewer. But every now and again, with just the right person, I will proudly tell about the time I was kissed by Tad Martin.

    • You were kissed by Tad Martin??! Wow! 🙂 I always adored him. That is a very interesting point you made, about the negativity that seems to come along with being a daytime television viewer. However, it’s the norm and acceptable to watch reality TV. Go figure on that one.. The only soap I watch now is Y&R, but that decision was made for me, thanks to ABC.

      I really enjoyed reading your comments! They made me think, which I like. Thanks for stopping by!

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