The Dick Van Dyke Show, 50th Anniversary

Classy, intelligent, sophisticated and funny.. These are just a few words which come to mind when I think of “The Dick Van Dyke Show”. After having watched it again on TV Land over these past few days, I’ve been reminded how GOOD it is. The storylines are simple and innocent, with hilarious results. The chemistry of the cast is undeniable. The sexual tension between Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore is as palpable as ever.

Rob and Laura Petrie set a precedent in television. They remain to many the JFK and Jackie of TV. He was handsome, she was beautiful. They were cultured. She was an independent spirit who spoke her mind. She was probably the first housewife on TV who became a sex symbol. Her form-fitting slacks became a fashion statement. They were a couple who hugged and kissed openly. Despite the double beds, you knew they were intimate with one another- often. Being older now, I can tell how badly Mary and Dick had it for one another. When they were in a scene alone together, you could tell they were disappointed if there was no physical contact. They enjoyed touching one another. This is what makes their portrayal so real, intriguing, and fun to watch. Honestly, I too am disappointed when the two are not sharing a hug or kiss.

After fifty years, “The Dick Van Dyke Show” is remains fresh, current, and delightful. Despite creator Carl Reiner’s best efforts, there are a few ’60s references within some of the episodes, including “E.G. Marshall”, who starred in the popular drama “The Defenders”, along with Robert Reed. However, these do not take any from the series, but add to it. I first discovered the show during the summer of 1979. After watching “The Young and the Restless”, which was still a 30 minute show at the time, I would turn to watch the antics of Rob Petrie and company. Speaking of which, Morey Amsterdam would briefly appear on Y&R in the ’90s, as a kidnapper who reformed towards the end of the crime. My affection towards the show, or its stars, has not diminished. I wrote both Dick and Mary several years back, during my autograph collecting days. I received personally autographed pics from both. I was elated, and treasure them.

So, here’s to yet another 50 years of enjoying “The Dick Van Dyke Show”!


~ by kmnnz on October 7, 2011.

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