Bye Bye Charlie’s Angels Remake..

When my sister told me the new “Charlie’s Angels” had been canceled, I was not too surprised. I had expected it, just not quite this quickly. They only had four episodes in the can. I guess ABC figured why try to keep it going. Put it out of its misery now. I bet they regret canceling “Brothers and Sisters” for it. Now, that was a good show. I catch the reruns on Soapnet when I can.

I knew from the beginning the remake didn’t have a chance. The original is still very much-loved. One of my sister’s friends summed it up well. When you think of “Charlie’s Angels”, you think of Farrah Fawcett.. Jaclyn Smith.. Cheryl Ladd.. Let’s face it, those ladies are a TOUGH act to follow.

Another problem was there was a darkness to the new show, a hostility. These girls, both off-screen and on, seemed to be in competition with the original Angels. The goal seemed to be to replace the show and its history with theirs. I remember reading an interview with the blonde girl (can’t recall her name). She mentioned cutting her hair on purpose, and basically made fun of the Farrah ‘do. That is a very negative way to start out. This is one of the things I detest about remakes so much. The new people want to act as though their version is so much better than the original. It is a rude, disrespectful attitude.

I finally relented, and turned to it a week ago. I watched about 3 to 4 minutes of it, towards the end. The girls seemed so desperate to prove what bad-asses they are. Along with the dialogue, it was all a big turnoff. Sure, the original had cheesy dialogue, but there was something about it that was cute and fun. And since when is Bosley supposed to be a sex symbol? I turned away before it went off.

Well, adios to yet another bad move to revive one of the most beloved, popular TV shows of all time.  Maybe one day the networks will wake up, and stop the crappy remakes.


~ by kmnnz on October 15, 2011.

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