Mission: Impossible.. Give Me The Show

As Tom Cruise continues to ride high on the fallout of “Mission: Impossible 4”, it reminds me of how it was his selfishness and greed, not his talent, which causes him to beam with pride. It reminds me how he hijacked the “Mission: Impossible” TV series, one of the most intelligent, sophisticated, classy shows of all time, and totally undermined it for his own benefit. Why this has always bothered me so much is somewhat a mystery. This was not one of the shows I grew up watching weekly, or daily in reruns. The first time I watched an episode, I was around 9 years old. It was so very high-tech, I couldn’t understand it. Everything went over my head. It was a while before I watched it again. However, I would grow to understand it with time, and found myself fascinated by the storylines, disguises, and chemistry of the actors. Despite several cast changes over the seven seasons it aired on CBS, one thing remained a constant- the likeability of the cast, and how very well they worked together. Maybe I just hate to see a good thing destroyed, or the original cast members rejected. To date, none have been asked to appear in any of the films.  Word has it they were allegedly planning to ask Peter Graves, who played Jim Phelps in the series, to make a cameo in number 4, but he passed away. This could have been done much sooner, so I find that hard to believe. Thanks to Tom, there are many who only associate “Mission: Impossible” with him, knowing nothing of the original, Emmy-winning series. To me, this is a travesty.

My sister and I saw the first MI movie in 1996. Having become a fan of the TV series, I was curious to see how an updated, theatrical version would go. We were both disappointed. Within the first half hour, the entire team had been wiped out- with good ‘ol Tom being the lone survivor. The IMF (Impossible Missions Force)consisted of the most elite, smartest agents in the world. You mean this bunch was so lame-brained that they got themselves killed? All of them?? They brought back the character of Jim Phelps, played by Jon Voight. To my shock, it was revealed he was the enemy. When I heard Greg Morris, who portrayed electronics whiz Barney Collier, walked out, I felt like giving him a standing ovation. Had I not been in such disbelief, I might have done the same thing. Seeing any of the latter films was out of the question. The very essence of the TV series had been destroyed. “Mission: Impossible” was about a TEAM, not a sole hero. They worked together to carry out their mission, to bring down the bad guys. There was no star, but Tom changed all that.

Had he wanted to do the right thing, and bring in some other “A list” actors to co-star with him in each film, he could have. That is what was done for the remade “Ocean’s Eleven” films. George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, etc. have been back for every movie. Angelina Jolie would have been brilliant in the female lead. His buddy, Will Smith could have portrayed a character like Barney. You get the picture. However, Tom wanted to keep all attention and glory to himself, and take every ounce of credit. That ego of his is out of control. My guess is he’ll keep making these movies  until he’s too old for their over-the-top theatrics.

As I continue to make plans to buy the entire series on DVD, should there be an MI 20, my feelings about this will always be the same. I will never forgive Tom Cruise for ruining “Mission: Impossible”.



~ by kmnnz on December 25, 2011.

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