Avoiding A Cold

I was standing in Subway’s long line yesterday evening, in front of a guy with a cold. At first, I was hoping it was his allergies, but I was mistaken. As we had almost gotten to the front, he sneezed. Twice. I had a feeling his germs landed on me. Instead of creating a scene, I suppressed my anger, stayed in line, got the sandwich I wanted, paid for it, then went home. It was what I did when I got home that made the difference. I immediately got aggressive, and went to war against the possibility if catching someone else’s nasty cold.

First, I took off my jacket, and sprayed it with Lysol. I keep this in the house. I buy it often, to the point my sister says I literally drink it. Next, I immediately took off my clothes, and tossed them in the washer. Third, I took a teaspoon of cough syrup. My Mother got this brilliant tip from “Mary Poppins”. Remember when she, Jane, and Michael had gotten caught in the rain? She gave each of them a teaspoon of cough syrup when they got home. She started this ritual when I was 10, and it never fails. I also took two supplements of vitamin C and zinc with dinner, and drank two glasses of orange juice. The last thing I did was wash my hair.

Today, I feel normal, with no cold symptoms lurking nearby. Following this regime year round will keep you healthy. It might seem like a lot, but it’s worth it.


~ by kmnnz on January 24, 2012.

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