Y&R, or Young and the Retro??

The writers on Y&R need to step up their game, and put an end to all of this recycling of storylines. Are they not able to come up with some new ideas? Last week, we see Jeffrey Bardwell coming back into Genoa City with a case of amnesia. He’s riding with a strange guy in a beat up pickup, a gash on his forehead. Flash back to March of 1973. This was the first scene of the first episode, except it was Brad Elliott coming into Genoa City with amnesia, in a pickup with a guy. Now, Jack Abbott is shot by his ex-wife Patty Williams- again. Dressed in Genevieve’s wedding gown, when he lifts the veil, she announces she’s Patty, calls him a bastard, then shoots him point-blank. Longtime viewers will easily recall Patty shot Jack in June of 1983, in his office at Jabot. Whether the writers are suffering from laziness, or nostalgia, this is all just too annoying for me. They have a large cast, which is expecting even more growth with the upcoming arrivals of Darnell Williams (AMC’s Jesse Hubbard), and Catherine Bach, known to most of us as Daisy Duke of “The Dukes of Hazzard”. There is a lot they can do with them, new storylines they can devise for their viewers’ entertainment. With the soap opera genre slowly on its way out, they cannot afford to slack off. Not now.

I am, however, aware many of Y&R’s current viewers do not remember Patty shooting Jack, or have seen the first episode. There are completely different actors portraying both Jack and Patty, so they cannot show any flashbacks. There is also little footage available on YouTube. I get having them in mind, but do not forget those of us knew have been watching since the ’70s. Trying to whitewash what we vividly recall is an act of disrespect. Nor, can you make it “better”, or improve on the original. It is time to let the Jack/Patty mess go. After 30 years, she’s still not over this guy?? Instead, try to do something with this ridiculous Neil and Sophia storyline, or place more emphasis on the background of Phyllis and Avery, which is the most interesting aspect of Y&R at this point.

Instead of rewriting history, create some new history- while you still can.


~ by kmnnz on January 31, 2012.

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