Madonna’s Time Has Come.. And Gone

After watching Madonna’s much publicized Half-time show, I saw up close her time has truly passed. While her voice is still in good shape, as is her physique, her style has declined. She seemed lethargic and stilted. You could tell she wanted to play it safe. I guess so, since she decided to go back and reference Janet Jackson’s Half-time show performance in 2004. She proclaimed there would be no wardrobe malfunction. She was right about that. While there was no malfunction, there was no excitement in her performance, either. Are we STILL talking about Janet, and the whole breast thing 8 years later? I thought we were over that. Not that I had anything to get over, because it was not that big of a deal to me. It was just more bizarre craziness within the world of entertainment. And Madonna, with her vast array of controversies through the years? She’s a fine one to talk. From rolling around on the floor pretending to have sex in a wedding dress at the MTV Awards in ’84, to her infamous liplock with Britney Spears, she’s been the queen of controversy. To me, it was a big step down to bring up Janet in that way.

I used to like Madonna- a lot. I was definitely aboard the Madonna bandwagon in the ’80s. She blew up so big by the late ’80s I had started to become bored with her. Her ridiculous Pepsi commercial in 1989 was it for me. Is she a legend, sure but I can’t see myself paying $300 for a ticket to see her when she starts touring again. That was the insane price it was last time. Not for what I saw earlier. From pom-pom girls to a choir to Cee-Lo, she needed all of this excessive backup to perform in one of the shortest half-time shows I’ve ever seen. It was no doubt an attempt to throw the viewers off, to mask her inability to be able to fire it up the way she used to. I don’t think it’s her age, either.  Tina Turner, who is older, can still rock the house, as does Paul McCartney. Whatever it is, she seems tired to me, and it shows in her performing.

Madonna told Dick Clark on “American Bandstand” in 1984 she wanted to “rule the world”. Well, she just about did that, for a long time. However, her reign is now officially over.


~ by kmnnz on February 6, 2012.

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