The Grammys 2012

I was both looking forward to and dreading watching last night’s Grammys.  Now I know why. It was beyond wonderful to see The Beach Boys back together again. They remain my favorite group, so I was very excited about that. Paul McCartney looked good. It was fun seeing him energetically rock out at the end of the show. I didn’t realize Adele had such of a powerful voice, which is a rarity in this day and age. She is not at all in any need of auto-tuning. I loved seeing the tribute to Glen Campbell, and watch him take the stage. I have been a fan of his since childhood, and both “Southern Nights” and “Rhinestone Cowboy” are longtime favorites of mine. It was nice to see Diana Ross, although I wish she had performed one of her many hits. Even Taylor Swift did a good job.

However, there was a severe downside to it all. Other than host LL Cool J’s brief shout-out, there was no mention of Don Cornelius at all. This made me livid. I still cannot believe such of a legendary innovator and entrepreneur was disrespected in this capacity. He, Vesta Williams, and Etta James were all omitted from the memorial tribute. However, they made sure to find the time to include Steve Jobs. Yet, some wonder why African-Americans have their own award shows? I have a strong feeling the upcoming NAACP Awards will be much better.

The tribute to Whitney Houston was too short. It felt rushed, and thrown together. I know they did not have a lot of time, but there could have been a medley of songs, or a lengthy montage of clips. Jennifer Hudson needed help on stage. She was overwhelmed with emotion, and unable to fully give herself to the song. Lady Gaga, Carrie Underwood, and/or Kelly Price would have been good additions to the tribute, instead of letting Jennifer go it alone. I feel, to a certain extent, the Grammys used Whitney’s passing, and their overly hyped, promised tribute to boost their ratings. It worked, as it was the second highest-rated Grammys show in history.

To sum it all up, it was one bittersweet, yet disappointing night.


~ by kmnnz on February 13, 2012.

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