Remembering Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston’s music was a big part of my teenage years, especially my high school days. So many of her songs are an instant reminder of that time in my life. My Mom loved her music, so her voice was in our home often. The first time I heard of Whitney Houston was in 8th grade. It was shortly before the end of the school year, and our choir teacher, Ms. Gobert, brought her first album to class one day. Before starting to play it, she said Whitney was going to be a star. The band teacher, who dropped by later in the period, agreed. He also commented on her beauty. Some may not remember it, but she guest-starred on an episode of “Gimme A Break” in the mid 80s. She was one of Katie’s friends. She almost became Sondra on “The Cosby Show”.  I wonder would her music career have come to fruition had she remained solely with acting. The passing of Whitney Houston is a tragic loss. It is beyond sad to see this overwhelmingly talented woman, who could literally hold a note forever, leave this earth after only 48 years.

In the beginning of her career, she was an example to follow, a role model for women of all ages. She was wholesome and glamorous, with a beautiful smile, and big lustrous ’80s hair. After seeing her pink lipstick in the video “How Will I Know?”, I started buying it. I still do, in a variety of shades. I loved her tall, lean physique. This was before I began to embrace my own petite figure. I remember reading an article when she was asked about her health regimen and beauty secrets. She said she would drink water a lot because she liked the taste. I was fascinated by that, because I too have always liked the taste of water. When you think of mid ’80s female artists, I would have to say she and Madonna ruled the airwaves. However, Whitney was taken more seriously. While Madonna was known for controversy and tabloid headlines, Whitney was known solely for her talent. The awards and accolades came easily and quickly. She was the queen of the music scene, the princess of pop.

Things seemed to gradually change after she married Bobby Brown. I was skeptical of the union from the start. Over time, she would acquire tabloid headlines of her own. Her flawless, powerful voice would lose a great deal of its strength. The marriage, which was often volatile, would eventually unravel. Then, there was the drug use. She became a shadow of what she once had been. Many found it funny. I found it disturbing.

However, I choose to remember watching her videos with my sister every day. They were a daily fixture on TV. I would rather recall hearing her music on the radio on the school bus going to school, and coming home. Or watch her terrific performance as Savannah in 1995’s “Waiting to Exhale”. There is too much good about Whitney’s life to let the negative overshadow it. Her passing has deeply saddened me. She left far too soon, but she made her mark upon this world. Her impact will remain with us.


~ by kmnnz on February 14, 2012.

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  1. Beautifully said, thank you!

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