The Facts of Life Today

With “The Facts of Life” being shown weeknights on The Hub, I’ve not only been reminiscing about one of my favorite TV shows growing up, but thinking about how the show would be were it being made today. Naturally, the character of Blair would be a huge part of the show, with her money, arrogance, and that HAIR! However, I don’t see her best friends being Natalie, Tootie, and Jo- not in this day and age. Instead, take a close look at the picture I posted along with this post. This is how “The Facts of Life” would look now. Notice the four strikingly pretty girls? In addition to Blair, that is Sue Ann, Nancy, and Cindy. Nancy is the brunette, Cindy is in back, while Sue Ann sits in front. These girls were on the show during the first season, before the cast was scaled back in an attempt to boost the ratings. These days, ratings are often equivalent with appearance. Unlike Natalie, none of them are chubby. A rich, hot girl being friends with someone without a flawless bod? Never. None of them are African-American either, like Tootie, or poor, which was the case with Jo. Think of today’s teen shows, including “Gossip Girl”, and the new 90210. All of the stars of the show look the same- thin, white, long hair, and middle class, if not wealthy. It’s an unhealthy, inaccurate portrayal both of and for young girls today. If that is not your story, where do you fit? You don’t.

Thank God for the days when you could tune into a show like “The Facts of Life”, and see diversity within friendships. It made you feel like you were normal, that you belonged. You weren’t an outcast, or a misfit. You were a regular teenage girl, no matter how you looked, or where you came from.


~ by kmnnz on April 18, 2012.

One Response to “The Facts of Life Today”

  1. I think they should have kept Cindy, Nancy, and Sue Ann. More characters to love!

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