Mixing and Politics.. Racially, That Is..

Our country has evolved in various ways. Once upon a time, a man like Barack Obama would not have had a chance at being President. The thought alone would have been a laughable joke. However were his wife Caucasian, someone else would be leading this country as I type this. That is one thing the U.S. is still not ready for.. a “mixed” couple in the White House. Remember former Texas senator Phil Gramm? His wife is Asian, and in the ’80s it was beyond controversial. Jeb Bush is married to a Hispanic woman. He made governor of Florida, but would the two have been welcome in the Oval Office? I seriously doubt it.

Now let’s take a look at Paul Ryan, the GOP’s Vice-Presidential nominee. He’s obviously been very passionate about politics for quite some time, and sought a career in that field. It was recently revealed his former girlfriend of 5 years was African-American. The two met in college, and appeared quite happy. However, the relationship ended prior to his first political run. Now it could have ended anyway, for a number of reasons. I just find it a little odd it came to an end at this particular point and time. It’s merely my theory, but it could very well be point on. He knew the chances of having a successful career in politics is easier if you marry within your race. Yes, William Cohen’s wife Janet is African-American. He served during the Clinton administration. Paul Ryan seems to be the kind of guy who would run for President one day. I’m pretty sure it’s been an aspiration of his since childhood. With that in mind, a black wife could not be a part of the equation. Fortunately, the cute Barbie doll-looking wife he has now is. She’s the perfect fit, they and their kids the ideal image. Men who want to run for President cannot be interracially married. It is an unwritten rule.. and they know it.

Whether we will ever see a racially mixed family in the White House remains to be seen. Perhaps one day.. but it won’t be any time soon.



~ by kmnnz on September 8, 2012.

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