My Little Sister Turns 30!

It seems like just yesterday my sister was born. Ok, maybe not yesterday, but not 30 years. It was 1982- the year of E.T., “Fast Times At Ridgemont High”, legwarmers, and “Dallas”. She was born on a Sunday night, close to 10 o’clock. It was the next day when I first saw her at the hospital, in our Mom’s room. She was asleep.. and so tiny. Before we left, she woke up. I was staring at her, and smiling in total joy and disbelief. After 11 years of being an only child, I finally had a sister. She saw me as she was waking up. Her little brown eyes became bigger and bigger, as she tried to raise her head. It was like she was trying to talk to me. We connected that very night.

Having a sister is a most unique experience. Every woman wishes she had one. Those who do not try to make girlfriends their sisters. “We’re closer than sisters”.. “We’re just like sisters”..  I’m not out to disregard or mock any of that, but honestly, I’ve never felt that close to any girlfriend. My sister and I have had some serious blowouts.. but we’ve never fallen out. Mine is my biggest critic, and my biggest cheerleader. When I’ve needed her most, she’s always been there, even when I didn’t deserve it. My sister is such of a slob. I’m always cleaning up after her. She can be quite temperamental. Sometimes, she shoots her mouth off way too much. However, she’s always made my life more complete. I could not imagine her not being in it. The love I have for her I have not had for any other human being.

I’ve mentioned her flaws (or some of them). Now for the truth about me. I have not always been the best sister. I have taken mine for granted, dismissed and disregarded her feelings, placed relationships with others over ours. I’ve hurt her more deeply than I know.. but I’ve never stopped loving her. Ever. As I’ve gotten older and lived life, I’ve come to appreciate my sister all the more. You can love someone, but not appreciate them. There is no one I would rather spend time with. Whether we’re taking a road trip, dining out, at a concert, or watching classic TV in the middle of the night, my time with her is invaluable. No one can take her place in my life.. or in my heart.

So, cheers to the many more years we yet to share. I look forward to seeing what lies ahead of each of us. Meanwhile, it’s time for me to decide what to get her for a present! 🙂


~ by kmnnz on September 12, 2012.

2 Responses to “My Little Sister Turns 30!”

  1. Excellent post, Kelli – perhaps the best one on the blog to date! 🙂

    Also, here’s a history fact – the next evening, on Monday, September 13, Lou Grant aired for the final time, with the episode “Charlie.” Hard to believe it’s also been 30 years since the show left the airwaves.

    • Thanks so much, Paolo! I really enjoyed writing it. It was spur of the moment, late one night. 🙂

      It is hard to believe the last episode of Lou Grant 30 years ago. That was a very memorable week!

      So glad you stopped by.. 🙂

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