Where Is Jan Brady??

I’m sure you too have noticed every time the Bradys get together, Jan is missing. Christopher Knight (Peter) even mentioned this a few years ago in a TV Land commercial. It all started in 1977, with the Brady Bunch Variety Hour. She was replaced by Geri Reischl, who to this day is called “the fake Jan”. In 1992 shortly after Robert Reed (Mike) passed away, the Brady kids made the cover of People magazine. Jan, along with Marcia, were not featured. When ABC had its 75th anniversary celebration, all the Bradys and Alice were present, minus Jan. At the TV Land Awards in 2007, she was a no-show. I’ m probably missing an event, or two.

Now to be fair and honest, Jan (or Eve Plumb) has not always shunned her Brady Bunch alter-ego. When the Brady girls got married in 1981, she was very much a part of the special occasion, along with the TV series which followed. She was a part of the TV movie “A Very Brady Christmas” in 1988. When the primetime serial “The Bradys” had its brief run in 1990, we saw Jan/Eve. I believe she was a part of the Brady Home Movies special which Susan Olsen (Cindy) produced in 1995. She was a part of the cast’s appearance on the game show “The Weakest Link”, and came back for the special Jenny McCarthy hosted on TV Land.

However, she seems to resent her history with the show more than anyone else in the cast. During an appearance on Jenny Jones’ talk show in the ’90s, the brunette Eve was hostile, and intolerant of every reference to “The Brady Bunch”. I don’t know why she came. In more recent years, the cast was scheduled for an appearance on The Today Show. It was canceled at the last-minute, due to conflict between Eve, and co-star Maureen McCormick (Marcia). Word has it she was upset by some comments made about her in Maureen’s autobiography. I’ve read a few of the references, but won’t repeat them. To add insult to injury, Maureen publicly thanked everyone from the cast on the dedication page, except Eve. This new development may have caused her to close the door on Jan for good.

Let’s look at it deeper. Prior to the book, Eve had distanced herself from the show. Maybe it is because of the character of Jan. She was forever in the shadow of Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. Jan was the joke of the family in a way. The black wig, her make believe boyfriend George Glass, the need for glasses. Jan was the middle sister, the one  insecure about who she was, always trying to find herself. She was the one who wanted to be an only child. Remember the 5th season episode when Jan claimed she was a “no talent loser”?  On the other hand, Marcia was ideal. Smart, pretty, gifted.. with gorgeous hair. Even in “The Bradys”, Jan could not get pregnant. She and her husband, Philip, later adopted. However, Marcia had given birth to two kids with ease.

Perhaps some of this transcended over into real life. It could be she wants to shed that image of being less than, or a laughingstock. Aside from the book, does she harbor some resentment towards Maureen? The Brady cast have all been stereotyped. We will forever see them in those roles. Evidently, Eve is most determined to leave hers behind. I do wish she’d embrace Jan every once in a while.

Today Eve is an acclaimed artist, with her work displayed in some galleries. She has clearly taken the position she wants to be known as Eve Plumb more than Jan Brady.


~ by kmnnz on September 19, 2012.

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  1. is jan brady gay

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