The Beach Boys..What Lies Ahead For Them (And For Us)

I’ve been a Beach Boys fan for more than half my life. Nothing cheers me up, or makes me smile like one of their tunes. From the ones which are household names, like “I Get Around”, to the ones not as well-known such as 1985’s “California Calling”. So when all the negative press came out towards the end of their phenomenal 50th anniversary tour, I found myself angry and heartbroken. I have yet to be able to wrap my head around the blaring headline I saw on my sister’s phone – “Brian Wilson Fired”. How can a founding member, the one who wrote, produced and arranged that timeless music,  be “fired”??

Instead of the five surviving members staying together, frontman Mike Love (yet another founding member and Brian’s cousin), wants to resume touring with his own version of the group, which includes longtime member Bruce Johnston, and his son Christian. Mike has the rights to the band’s name, thanks to the fallout from a lawsuit. He’s leaving Brian, and other members Al Jardine and David Marks in the dust. Brian and Al have publicly voiced their displeasure and disappointment. An online petition has even been started. I’ve seen several of their shows, and while they are a lot of fun and energetic, they drastically pale in comparison to the lineup we saw on this most recent tour, which came to an end Friday night in London. We were there for the second show, on the second row. To say the very least, it was one of the biggest thrills and highlights of my life thus far. We could have stayed there for days, watching them perform and hearing them sing.

It’s sad to see America’s band, my favorite band, in the midst of more drama. There has been more than enough already. The lawsuits, drug abuse, family squabbles, internal fighting, disagreements about direction.. and worst of all the loss of both Dennis and Carl Wilson. I think Mike doesn’t realize what’s he in for. As fans fight and take sides of their own (fans seem to be split regarding this latest development) some will no doubt rush to see Mike, Bruce, and company hit the stage again. Word has it mega-hot John Stamos can also be expected to join in, at least on occasion. I just don’t see it having the same impact as the reunion shows, meaning the money will not be as plentiful either. I don’t think he’s going to want to be out there for very long.  Then again, I could be wrong. The big question is will Brian, Al, and Dave be ready and willing to work with him again? Or will it be too late? The fellas are getting older, and time should not be wasted. The day will come when they will no longer be able to physically perform and tour, and summer will really be gone. For good. That is one day I am not looking forward to, but I know it’s out there. However, for there to be a premature end to the five of them together is senseless.

My wish, my desire, is for them to release that next album they keep hinting about (I bought the one released this year). I would also LOVE to see them tour again, hopefully as early as next year. I want them to “do it again” at least one more time. I’m not alone.

~ by kmnnz on October 1, 2012.

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