Erin Moran.. Homeless

Like many children of the ’70s and ’80s, I grew up watching “Happy Days” every week. So I’m very familiar with Erin Moran, aka Joanie Cunningham. Therefore it was a surprise to find out she is homeless. After having lost her home to foreclosure, she and her husband were forced to move in with her mother in-law, who lives in a trailer park. After Erin’s constant late night partying, and her refusal to stop, she was asked to leave. Now she and her hubby are living from hotel to hotel, using a recent settlement from a lawsuit against CBS involving back royalties from “Happy Days” which had been deprived from cast members. At this point, around $65,000 or so remains. How much longer that will last is hard to say.

It can be easy for a celebrity, former or current, to fall on hard times financially. If not managed properly, the money will run out. Obviously that is what has happened to Erin. I guess what comes to find most for me is not how she got in this current predicament, but where her former castmates are? “Big brother” Ron Howard comes to mind first. Not that it’s his obligation or responsibility, but he could place her in one of his upcoming films. Then again, if he did come forth and try to help her (and who’s to say he hasn’t), who’s to say she wouldn’t  mess it all up? She isn’t little Joanie anymore, but an adult. She should be able to successfully stand on her own.

Another factor is this. She did alienate herself from the cast in the ’90s when she falsely accused Henry Winkler of sexual harassment. They might not be over that, although she did later recant her story. That no doubt affected the trust factor. To his credit, I heard Scott Baio admit in a recent interview on “Inside Edition” he tried to help her, but was unable to do so. He did not elaborate very much, but seemed disheartened and disgusted by the situation. I haven’t heard anyone else speak out publicly about Erin’s plight.

What lies ahead for Erin remains to be seen. My hope is she will not become yet another statistic of fame. That would be even more sad and tragic.


~ by kmnnz on October 3, 2012.

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