Mitt Romney vs. Big Bird

Mitt Romney created a firestorm of controversy during the first presidential debate in Denver when he announced he would cut funding to PBS. What caught the public’s attention most was his reference to Big Bird- the large, loveable yellow bird who has been a part of the “Sesame Street” family for decades. In the opinion of many, he clearly won the debate. What he did not expect to win was the letter of an eight year old girl voicing her displeasure of his intention to do away with “Sesame Street”.

I can relate to her concern. When I was eight, the characters on “Sesame Street” were a big part of my daily life. However, it’s not just Bert and Ernie, Oscar the Grouch, and Cookie Monster. It is the learning generations of children have benefited from.  I have a feeling Mitt’s children and grandchildren are there with the rest of us. “Sesame Street” has educated us on everything from counting and the alphabet, to how to deal with death. Not to mention it has been a beautiful melting pot, showing harmony and equality among both adults and children. Their slew of Emmys have been much deserved. How Mr. Romney could even consider cutting funding to not only “Sesame Street”, but to PBS itself, is unbelievable. PBS is a cultural staple in our society. The documentaries,  Tavis Smiley, Charlie Rose, “Masterpiece Theatre”, “Nova”..  not to mention those classic “Ed Sullivan Show” clips. On the ValuePBS website, a whopping 69% of people oppose the elimination of government funding for public broadcasting. Through it all, the Big Bird reference seemed to hit everyone at the core more than anything else. The  very thought of him leaving the airwaves is truly sad. He has not only been a part of the “Sesame Street” family. He has been a part of our families, too. Maybe Romney cannot understand or fathom this, but it’s time he started.

I would suggest to Mitt he find some other way to trim the budget, choose something else to cut.. and stay away from “Sesame Street”. I don’t think he would want to be known as the man who fired Big Bird.


~ by kmnnz on October 7, 2012.

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