Facebook.. A Place for Friends. Is It Really?

I left Facebook in May of 2009. I deactivated my profile, and was gone for three years. When I returned, I was warmly welcomed back by the people I had left. Some I had not conversed with since my departure. Since I’ve been back, I’ve been reminded of why I left in the first place- the immature and cliquish nature that exists. I equate it to my life in fifth grade, which was not one of my favorite years in school. I see people with thousands of “friends”, yet no one comments on or likes the posts they make. One friend I’ve known since high school deleted his page. My sister temporarily deactivated hers. One friend threatened to leave. After many public cries for them to stay, they changed their mind. Yet another was on the verge of getting rid of theirs too, and went on a rampage deleting and blocking people. What is the problem?

Facebook was no doubt created for people to have a little more fun in their lives. It’s an easy way to keep in touch, to reconnect with others. It is a terrific forum for putting your interests and personality on display. I have posted numerous Biblical and Christian verses and sayings, and many Beach Boys pictures. However, it can be an ugly, cruel place. It’s one where people show their true colors, often behaving in a way they never would in a face to face setting. They act out from behind a computer. I have seen that ugly side flare back up. When I proudly posted the photo we made with the Beach Boys during their recent tour, the claws came out. Some of those who had welcomed me back so enthusiastically stopped speaking to me. One woman actually had the nerve to find me, send me a friend request, then constantly ignore me. When I found out she had restricted me from viewing some of her pics, I deleted her. We’ve since blocked one another. These are “adults”.. but I’ve seen children behave with more maturity. Yet, these people are called “friends” over there. Real friends do not act this way. They are not perfect, but a true friend will not ignore or disrespect you.

What’s the answer to this madness? Is there an answer to it? You have to find it on your own, individually. For one, keep your friend list to a minimum. Be careful who you send requests to, and which ones you approve. Also, stay away from the celebs, or people you grew up watching on TV. They may add you, but will have no part in your life over there. Above all, try not to take people too seriously. No one is going to like or comment on everything. Neither will you. Do not expect it. Lastly, if someone bothers or upsets you to a degree of severity, do not run away. Instead of deleting or deactivating your page, delete them. You can also restrict and/or block. It is your page after all, and it should be up to you to decide who has access to it.

I don’t know what the longevity of Facebook will be. It might still be thriving in ten years, or have been replaced by some new, hot social networking site. Only time will tell. In the meanwhile, I’ve decided to stick around for a while.. on my terms.


~ by kmnnz on October 10, 2012.

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