Biden and Ryan. The VP Debate.

I don’t consider myself a Democrat or a Republican. There are things I admire about both presidential candidates, while there are things I do not care for about either of them. As we continue to hear about the fallout from the VP debate, I have a few thoughts of my own.

For the most part, I have always liked Joe Biden. He is smart, yet comical. Very entertaining character. However, I was very disappointed in his performance last night. Flashback to 2008, when he debated Sarah Palin. He was factual, yet cordial. He stayed in control. In 2012, he allowed his emotions to take control. As the presidential race gets tighter, Biden knows his job is in jeopardy. Not to mention he felt he had to compensate for the lackluster performance of his boss. Joe Biden interrupted Paul Ryan an unbelievable 82 times. Ryan even called him out on it, to no avail. Moderator Martha Raddatz was totally biased. She is an Obama supporter, and defiantly showed it. She gave Joe Biden an edge, and seemed to fear him at times. For instance, when he complained about Ryan getting more time with an answer, she timidly replied he had been given ample time as well. There were times when both she and Biden pushed him for a reply simultaneously. She was supposed to have been the moderator, not a participant. It was unbecoming, and disturbing to watch. Although you could tell he was nervous, Ryan stayed calm, and maintained his demeanor. My hats off to him.

With a 29 year age difference between them, he used his age against him, reminding him he was there during the Reagan administration. Ryan was a youth during that time. Biden laughed, smirked, and lost his cool. He came across as not being very likeable to some. I admit he was factual. He knew his numbers. However, he was also rude, arrogant, and condescending. Even during their closing remarks, he did not bother to thank Ryan. Ryan did thank him, though. I know diehard Democrats would rant and rave about my comments, but let’s flip the script. Had Paul Ryan interrupted Joe Biden, laughed and smirked, they would be up in arms. All Ryan did was drink a lot of water.

The heat is on President Obama to make up for his performance during debate number one. However, unlike his running mate, I have a feeling he will remain a gentleman.


~ by kmnnz on October 13, 2012.

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