I got an email from someone I’ve known since eighth grade. She was telling me how the majority of today’s TV shows are not very kid-friendly. She would know more than I would, as I watch almost  no current television. Towards the end of the email, she started reminiscing about how life was when we were growing up. She specifically mentioned when we were 13, which was in 1984. She reminded me of our gym teacher, Mr. Goldman, telling our little group to “move our cupcakes”. I hadn’t thought of that in years! In today’s world, his comment would be seen as inappropriate, but that was a different time. Besides, he meant no harm. The guy never crossed the line with any of us. She brought her correspondence to a close by saying how lucky we were, and we didn’t even know it.

Those words got me thinking. Life was not perfect, but there was a certain innocence and simplicity about those times. 1984.. the days of leg warmers, featured hair, plenty of soap operas, and thick eye makeup. Reagan was in the White House. It was all about Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna, Tina Turner, Springsteen, Lionel Richie, New Edition, Cyndi Lauper, and The Go-Gos. “The Cosby Show” and “Webster” were among the new shows on the air.  The theme to “The Tonight Show” sounded like bedtime. “Family Ties”, “The Facts of Life”, “Gimme A Break”, “Soul Train”, “American Bandstand”, “Hardcastle and McCormick”, and “The A-Team” were weekly staples. In addition to the soaps, game shows dominated daytime TV. “Ghostbusters”, “”Footloose”, and “Places in the Heart” were blockbusters. Peter Jennings was in our home every night via “World News Tonight”. My sister was a toddler of two. Mom cooked a many fabulous meal. My social life thrived, and I began to wear my hair down to school. We wrote letters to one another. It was common for me to write and receive at least 5 per day. Maybe more.  Everyone was saying the popular catchphrase “Where’s the Beef?” It was featured in a Wendy’s commercial. I remember how exciting it was to see the latest videos for the first time. I never missed “Friday Night Videos”. We went to the record store, and bought all the hit songs. Posters decorated my wall.  All I needed was a TV, phone, and some music. Yes, life was good.

Life doesn’t have that same flavor, but those days have never left me. Nor will they. I treasure those times. It’s very nice to be able to let them nourish me in middle age.


~ by kmnnz on October 20, 2012.

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