Happy 40th Y&R

Image I was not quite two years old when “The Young and the Restless” made its debut on CBS daytime. The date was March 26, 1973. It was the permanent replacement for another soap which had been recently canceled (the name escapes me at the moment). My Mom was not very happy about this new soap coming in, and taking its place. She vowed never to watch it. However around two months later, she found herself interested in the storyline of the rape of one of its central characters, Chris Brooks.

That was the birth of a legacy which continues to this day. Y&R is the one soap I share with more family members than any other. It is also one of the very first television shows I remember watching. The setting was Genoa City, Wisconsin. The goings on revolved around the wealthy Brooks family, and the financially deprived Fosters. Sadly, most current viewers are not aware of their existence. However, I vividly remember them and do so with pride.

The Young and the Restless was a character-driven soap, rather than being driven solely by plots. That has changed over the years, mainly following the passing of creator Bill Bell several years ago. Something which Y&R possessed in years gone by disappeared, which is unfortunate. However, I will not allow myself to become negative or cynical. I would rather focus on its rich history, as well as the good which remains.

As I celebrate and observe it’s 40th anniversary, I cannot help but think ahead.. to the day it will no longer be there. When other soaps I watched left the air, I felt a personal loss. However, I think I’ll take the end of Y&R the hardest. I do hope that’s a while away. After all, General Hospital turns 50 next week. It could do the same.

Although I still watch Y&R at least once a week now, I treasure my memories of the characters who are now a part of the past, the ones most know nothing about, or barely remember. Sometimes, I want others to share memories of them with. Then I decide its for the best I can keep them to myself, and reflect alone. A few remain.. but not many. However, they are still with me, just like my first day of school. Then again, when I had my first day of school, Y&R was on at home.

Once again, Happy B-day!


~ by kmnnz on March 26, 2013.

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