35 Years Ago..


It was 35 years ago this month, June 1978, when I saw the movie “Grease” for the first time. I was a 7 year old second grader. I will never forget that bright, sunny day. Looking at a calendar from that year, it had to have been the 10th or 17th of the month. My Mom and I rode the city bus to the theater. We ended up arriving late. They were in the middle of the “Greased Lighting” scene. It was so crowded, we had to sit a few seats apart. We winded up watching it again for a second time. By that point, it was standing room only. I slept like a baby that night, and proceeded to buy everything from and of the movie I could get my hands on. It remains my favorite film.

Has it really been that long ago?? It seems like maybe a few years ago, but not even close to 35. Jimmy Carter was President, and all of the Beatles were still alive. It was a time, an era, we only know from memory now. The closest we had to reality TV were the game shows of the day. “Three’s Company” and “Charlie’s Angels” were literally x-rated in the minds of some. We had three major networks, with more than enough programming to keep us more than entertained. Disco ruled the dance floor, with The Bee Gees and Donna Summer among those leading the way. There were problems, of course. Crime, unemployment, sexism. Issues we continue to face today. However, there was a simplicity, an innocence which is missing now. Perhaps it was because I was a kid at the time. I might feel differently towards that era were I an adult instead. I don’t know, but I treasure those days very much.

A few nights ago, I finally went to a drive-in movie for the first time. The main attraction? “Grease”. Their timing perfectly coincided with the 35th anniversary of the film’s release. Needless to say, it was an enormous thrill seeing it at the drive-in for the first time. As always, it felt like being in a time machine, being transported back to my little, happy, simple life in the late ’70s. I hated to see it end, and return to bills, work, and complicated decision-making. You really can’t stay away from the present and the life you currently live, but it’s great to be able to escape it every once in a while.

I can see myself being a 90 year old woman still watching “Grease” saying it reminds me of the second grade. I look forward to the experience.


~ by kmnnz on June 9, 2013.

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