Remembering Bob Crane

Bob Crane on Break the Bank

35 years ago this week, Bob Crane’s life came to a sudden, tragic end. He was found brutally murdered in bed in his rented apartment in Scottsdale, AZ. He was weeks shy of his 50th b-day. The murder remains unsolved.

Sadly, the image of Bob Crane has been heavily tainted by the way his life ended, and the sexual escapades he partook of in private. Yes, he had an addiction to sex, a dark side which was very unflattering to say the least. However, there is more to Bob Crane.. much more. He had a long, thriving radio career. He was a talented musician. Playing the drums was his passion. With his likeable persona, he was able to successfully establish a connection with viewers, whether he was portraying the wise-cracking, cocky Colonel Hogan, or Teddy the bartender on a first season episode of “The Love Boat” (it would be his last TV appearance.) He was a man who gave to charity, who at the peak of his “Hogan’s” success answered his own fan mail. He was a loving and devoted father, who is deeply adored and missed by his children. Most of all, he was a human being instead of a horrible person, or someone to laugh at. He certainly did not deserve to be killed as he slept.

Some find it difficult to talk about Bob, or to look at him on TV. We have such high expectations and demands of celebrities, both past and present. We look for perfection, and when it is not there, we tend to write them off. However, they are people with a tendency for flaws, failures, and shortcomings. Bob did have sexual relations with numerous women. He did videotape the acts. However, these were adult, consenting women. No one was raped. Nor was he molesting children. What makes the addiction he had so much worse than someone’s addiction to drugs, alcohol, or gambling? Shortly before his death, he was determined to turn his life around. Had he been given the chance, I’m sure he would have done it.

I’m proud to say I like Bob Crane. I think he’d be pleased to know that.


~ by kmnnz on June 25, 2013.

2 Responses to “Remembering Bob Crane”

  1. Terrific post, Kelli! Thank you so much. I will be sharing with our fans over Vote For Bob Crane’s Facebook and Twitter accounts later. -Carol Ford

    For more information about Bob Crane and his nomination for the National Radio Hall of Fame, please visit
    Find us on Facebook:
    Follow us on Twitter:
    New, serious biography: ‘Flipside: The True Story of Bob Crane’ –

    • Oh please do share it, Carol! I’m on Facebook, and your page for Bob. I thought about posting it myself after I wrote it, but I didn’t have the guts. 🙂 I’m so glad you liked it!

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