The Plight of Paula Deen

pd I have always been neutral about Paula Deen. I haven’t embraced her down home Southern cooking, despite liking that kind of food, nor do I despise her. I must admit her constant “y’alls” irk me, but that lingo goes hand in hand with being from the South. Paula’s use of the “N word” has been in the headlines on a daily basis, as she continues to lose one precious sponsor after another. Here is my take on the whole matter.

I am not saying Paula should be crucified because she used the “N word” in the ’80s, after having been robbed at gunpoint at the bank where she worked. Sadly, almost everyone has used that horrible word, so if we are going to drop people from our lives because of it, hardly anyone would be left. That is not my problem with her. What concerns me is the wedding she wanted to throw for her brother, with African-American men dressed as slaves. There is nothing amusing or glamorous about slavery. It remains a stain on our nation’s history. Anyone who feels slavery should be recaptured in any way has a problem. There is nothing cute about humans enslaving fellow humans. Nor is publicly making fun of a dark-skinned black man saying he is “black as this board back here.” None of us select our skin color, and it is very hurtful to have it mocked and insulted.

Paula has had African-Americans who have worked for her speak out in her defense, which is honorable. Perhaps they should take her aside and try to tell her about the pain words of insensitivity can cause, how certain mindsets need to be eliminated. She might honestly be unaware she has a problem, but it will not go away until she admits it, and deals with it. Instead of going on “The Today Show” pleading for people to throw stones at her, she needs to step back, and take a long, hard, truthful look at herself. What she has done is not beyond redemption, but she has to make the first move.


~ by kmnnz on July 3, 2013.

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