The Zimmerman Verdict

I was not very surprised by the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial. However, seeing the headline flashed on the TV screen this past Saturday night was still disappointing and an insult. I am as angry and disgusted as anyone to see this man walk for the senseless and tragic shooting of Trayvon Martin. George Zimmerman might not be in a physical jail cell, but he remains an imprisoned individual. He might have gotten away with a horrific crime, but he has nothing to be happy about.

Immediately following the verdict, he went into hiding. No one knows where he is. He may never be able to live as a normal person again. Anonymity no longer exists for him. His attempt to play Marshall Dillon hurt his life far more than he could have imagined. He had simply stayed in his car, none of this would have happened. Trayvon would be alive, and none of us would know the name George Zimmerman.

Not only has he disappeared from public view, Zimmerman has to live with the fact for the rest of his life he killed another human being, an innocent, unarmed young man with his future on the horizon. He is incarcerated in that capacity too, in his mind. I would not want to have that memory lingering with me. You never get over taking the life of someone else I have heard, regardless of the circumstances. He might attempt to justify his actions, but to live with them day in and day out is another story.

Like many, I have become very wrapped up in this case from the beginning. That is why this blog is a short one. There isn’t more for me to say. If I could say one thing to Zimmerman, it would be this- was it worth it?


~ by kmnnz on July 18, 2013.

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