The Departure of Michelle Stafford

michelle staffordI’m sure most viewers of “The Young and the Restless” are aware Michelle Stafford, who has portrayed the character of Phyllis Newman on and off since 1994, is leaving the show. I haven’t heard why she is leaving. If anyone knows, be sure to enlighten me. I suspect it has something to do with the changes in leadership on the show. I had a feeling when current executive producer Jill Farren Phelps came aboard less than a year ago, she and “Red” would not get along so well. As a viewer I have not cared for the direction Y&R has gone in since she took over. The writing is ludicrous, and a bad joke. I can only imagine the challenge of working with her on an ongoing basis.

With the recent passing of Jeanne Cooper, I don’t know if or how Y&R will survive both the loss of Katherine Chancellor and the loss of Phyllis. Both were integral, dynamic characters who were continuously involved in compelling storylines. Seeing women over 40 front and center was both refreshing and realistic. Love or hate Phyllis, she was intriguing to watch. The scenes of her going into a complete meltdown were my favorite. Phyllis has no shame. She can be both wicked and needy, vulnerable yet deceptive. How can the void of someone like that ever be filled?

There has been talk a new actress will replace Michelle. The only one I can think of who could come close to successfully taking on that role would be Jamie Lunar, the “Melrose Place” and “All My Children” alum. However, whether she is available or not, or would be interested in the part remains to be seen. She is just a few years younger than Stafford, is a tall, striking redhead, and has that icy cool demeanor needed to bring Phyllis to life. When needed, she has the ability to rise to the occasion and bring drama to the table. I am interested to see how it would be for her to take on the role.

Michelle’s final scenes should be airing soon. She will be missed.


~ by kmnnz on July 21, 2013.

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