The Miley Mess

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It’s been over a week, and the slutty antics of Miley Cyrus are still in the news. There was a time when the evening news would not have reported on such of a ridiculous story, however I have seen it on both the NBC and CBS newscasts. My how far we have fallen. How does this continue to be headline news?? She’s not the first celebrity to make a complete fool of herself. She has plenty of company. Nor will she be the last. Miley has gone to incredible lengths to distance herself from the Disney/ Hanna Montana image she created. However, dancing around in a nude bikini, twerking around a married man is not the way to prove you have grown up. It only displays how confused you are, and in desperate need of attention. If Miley wants to show the world she is an adult, go enroll in some college courses. Write a book. Start a blog. Try hosting an online talk show, or a decent reality show. Maybe then people will begin to take her seriously, and have some respect for her, instead of laughing at her and calling her unflattering names. There are other former child stars she should take a look at, including Ron Howard, Janet Jackson, and Kristy McNichol. No doubt they too had the desire to shed their kiddie image, and transition into the world of adulthood. However, they knew how to do it without turning into a clown. I’ve never been one of Miley’s fans, but I hope the girl can turn her life around before she does more permanent damage to her image, and finds herself with no career at all.


May 18, 1976

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mtm I ran across this photo a few weeks ago. I discovered it was taken at the Emmys in May of 1976. May 18th, 1976, to be exact, which was my 5th birthday. I knew it fell on a weekday that year, but did not remember it was a Monday, until I read the caption. The picture features members of the cast of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" receiving more Emmys for their work on the show. It was among the most funny and well-written in TV history, a timeless classic which continues to be a delight to watch. The cast was brilliantly assembled. It would remain on the air for one more season, with their last original broadcast being shown in March, 1977. My family and I were in front of the TV watching that night, just after "Hee-Haw".

While Mary and company were racking up more accolades, I was sick with a bad cold. I was so sick, my Mom had to cancel my birthday party. I was disappointed, but knew there was no way around it. Fortunately, the other kids did not mind. They were all neighbors of ours, from one to four years older than me. However, they never treated me in a dismissive manner because I was the youngest. We played together every evening, with them coming by my house to get me, asking “could Snoopy come out and play?” The party was held that weekend. I was all better, and everyone had a wonderful time. There was plenty of food, games, and music, with Mom taking pictures with her Instamatic camera. The pics are in my scrapbook.

It is amazing how one photo can cause you to go back into your history, and relive an event all over again. Thanks, MTM! 🙂

The Departure of Michelle Stafford

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michelle staffordI’m sure most viewers of “The Young and the Restless” are aware Michelle Stafford, who has portrayed the character of Phyllis Newman on and off since 1994, is leaving the show. I haven’t heard why she is leaving. If anyone knows, be sure to enlighten me. I suspect it has something to do with the changes in leadership on the show. I had a feeling when current executive producer Jill Farren Phelps came aboard less than a year ago, she and “Red” would not get along so well. As a viewer I have not cared for the direction Y&R has gone in since she took over. The writing is ludicrous, and a bad joke. I can only imagine the challenge of working with her on an ongoing basis.

With the recent passing of Jeanne Cooper, I don’t know if or how Y&R will survive both the loss of Katherine Chancellor and the loss of Phyllis. Both were integral, dynamic characters who were continuously involved in compelling storylines. Seeing women over 40 front and center was both refreshing and realistic. Love or hate Phyllis, she was intriguing to watch. The scenes of her going into a complete meltdown were my favorite. Phyllis has no shame. She can be both wicked and needy, vulnerable yet deceptive. How can the void of someone like that ever be filled?

There has been talk a new actress will replace Michelle. The only one I can think of who could come close to successfully taking on that role would be Jamie Lunar, the “Melrose Place” and “All My Children” alum. However, whether she is available or not, or would be interested in the part remains to be seen. She is just a few years younger than Stafford, is a tall, striking redhead, and has that icy cool demeanor needed to bring Phyllis to life. When needed, she has the ability to rise to the occasion and bring drama to the table. I am interested to see how it would be for her to take on the role.

Michelle’s final scenes should be airing soon. She will be missed.

The Zimmerman Verdict

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I was not very surprised by the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial. However, seeing the headline flashed on the TV screen this past Saturday night was still disappointing and an insult. I am as angry and disgusted as anyone to see this man walk for the senseless and tragic shooting of Trayvon Martin. George Zimmerman might not be in a physical jail cell, but he remains an imprisoned individual. He might have gotten away with a horrific crime, but he has nothing to be happy about.

Immediately following the verdict, he went into hiding. No one knows where he is. He may never be able to live as a normal person again. Anonymity no longer exists for him. His attempt to play Marshall Dillon hurt his life far more than he could have imagined. He had simply stayed in his car, none of this would have happened. Trayvon would be alive, and none of us would know the name George Zimmerman.

Not only has he disappeared from public view, Zimmerman has to live with the fact for the rest of his life he killed another human being, an innocent, unarmed young man with his future on the horizon. He is incarcerated in that capacity too, in his mind. I would not want to have that memory lingering with me. You never get over taking the life of someone else I have heard, regardless of the circumstances. He might attempt to justify his actions, but to live with them day in and day out is another story.

Like many, I have become very wrapped up in this case from the beginning. That is why this blog is a short one. There isn’t more for me to say. If I could say one thing to Zimmerman, it would be this- was it worth it?

What If..

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imagesCA0KQUPWThe other night, I spent some time before bed watching ’60s TV shows I had DVR’d. I checked out “Car 54, Where Are You?”, “Hogan’s Heroes”, and “The Mod Squad”. Afterwards, I found myself wondering had I been born 10 years earlier (in 1961) which shows would have been my favorite, the ones I watched every week.

I think I would have liked “The Brady Bunch” a lot. I would have loved “Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In”, and “Ironside”. Since the heyday of the western was continuing to run its course, I probably would have avoided “Gunsmoke” and “Bonanza”. 1960s TV has always been a favorite of mine. While doing my homework, I was tuned into “Gilligan’s Island”, “Family Affair”, and “I Dream of Jeannie” on a daily basis. That era produced some unforgettable television, and a wide variety of choices for the average viewer. From the fantasy shows like “Mister Ed” and “Bewitched”, to the serial dramas including “The Fugitive” and “Mission: Impossible”, to variety shows such as “The Ed Sullivan Show” and comedies like “Julia”, there was something for everyone.

Just for the record, I am not at all dismissing the era I did grow up in. There was a lot of terrific TV in the ’70s and ’80s as well. I couldn’t have asked for or picked a better time to have come of age within. It’s just fun to sometimes wonder how it would have been to have come along a little sooner.

The Plight of Paula Deen

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pd I have always been neutral about Paula Deen. I haven’t embraced her down home Southern cooking, despite liking that kind of food, nor do I despise her. I must admit her constant “y’alls” irk me, but that lingo goes hand in hand with being from the South. Paula’s use of the “N word” has been in the headlines on a daily basis, as she continues to lose one precious sponsor after another. Here is my take on the whole matter.

I am not saying Paula should be crucified because she used the “N word” in the ’80s, after having been robbed at gunpoint at the bank where she worked. Sadly, almost everyone has used that horrible word, so if we are going to drop people from our lives because of it, hardly anyone would be left. That is not my problem with her. What concerns me is the wedding she wanted to throw for her brother, with African-American men dressed as slaves. There is nothing amusing or glamorous about slavery. It remains a stain on our nation’s history. Anyone who feels slavery should be recaptured in any way has a problem. There is nothing cute about humans enslaving fellow humans. Nor is publicly making fun of a dark-skinned black man saying he is “black as this board back here.” None of us select our skin color, and it is very hurtful to have it mocked and insulted.

Paula has had African-Americans who have worked for her speak out in her defense, which is honorable. Perhaps they should take her aside and try to tell her about the pain words of insensitivity can cause, how certain mindsets need to be eliminated. She might honestly be unaware she has a problem, but it will not go away until she admits it, and deals with it. Instead of going on “The Today Show” pleading for people to throw stones at her, she needs to step back, and take a long, hard, truthful look at herself. What she has done is not beyond redemption, but she has to make the first move.

Remembering Bob Crane

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Bob Crane on Break the Bank

35 years ago this week, Bob Crane’s life came to a sudden, tragic end. He was found brutally murdered in bed in his rented apartment in Scottsdale, AZ. He was weeks shy of his 50th b-day. The murder remains unsolved.

Sadly, the image of Bob Crane has been heavily tainted by the way his life ended, and the sexual escapades he partook of in private. Yes, he had an addiction to sex, a dark side which was very unflattering to say the least. However, there is more to Bob Crane.. much more. He had a long, thriving radio career. He was a talented musician. Playing the drums was his passion. With his likeable persona, he was able to successfully establish a connection with viewers, whether he was portraying the wise-cracking, cocky Colonel Hogan, or Teddy the bartender on a first season episode of “The Love Boat” (it would be his last TV appearance.) He was a man who gave to charity, who at the peak of his “Hogan’s” success answered his own fan mail. He was a loving and devoted father, who is deeply adored and missed by his children. Most of all, he was a human being instead of a horrible person, or someone to laugh at. He certainly did not deserve to be killed as he slept.

Some find it difficult to talk about Bob, or to look at him on TV. We have such high expectations and demands of celebrities, both past and present. We look for perfection, and when it is not there, we tend to write them off. However, they are people with a tendency for flaws, failures, and shortcomings. Bob did have sexual relations with numerous women. He did videotape the acts. However, these were adult, consenting women. No one was raped. Nor was he molesting children. What makes the addiction he had so much worse than someone’s addiction to drugs, alcohol, or gambling? Shortly before his death, he was determined to turn his life around. Had he been given the chance, I’m sure he would have done it.

I’m proud to say I like Bob Crane. I think he’d be pleased to know that.

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